'New Post on August 5, 2014'

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Today Feb 21, i am turning in 35. Many greetings and prays for me, many smiles, warm hug and love from friends. But i feel empty. At 12 am i just waiting an email from someone. But until i am writing this post i dont have any. My dream could forget, bussy, deny or unaware this 21 date. Well ... i have to be used with this. Well ... uhmmm ... no ... just fine.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

what i dreamed last night too beautiful too be real. A small beautiful house which there was me and my dream inside, we were there, we lived there. So mucb love inside. I remembered just hold his hands. Staring his eyes like adoring him. Kissed him deep like there wont be tomorrow. We were made love in beautifully. I so clearly looked him in that dreamed. And i wake up, looked around and just cried. Why i loved him so mucb ? Somehow it left tears for me ... 10 years the feeling which same ... 10 years the dreamed which repeat again and again in sleeping.


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