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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Is late night, i still turn my body left to right again ... again ... and again. I see him sleep so tight, tired and sleepless. I am closer to his back, feeling his warmth body. I feel comfy and these eyes slowly closed. "My angel" suddenly his voice thrill me. "Hmmm" i said while my eyes still closing. "Not sleep yet ?" He turned his body toward me. My eyes still closing in beetween sleep and awake. "Trying" i said as it as i could. He pulls my body inside his chest then hugs me across his hands cover me "Sleep then" he whisper in my ears. i cant count 1 to 3 to finish. Before that i alreadg sleep as baby new born as tight in his holding.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Universe seems stop rounding. I meet those eyes, brown and hazel. My lips smile regarding his smile toward me. "My dream" i whispered. He caress my face softly through the tears slowly running in corner my eyes "Yes, i am here" he slowly closer and hug me in his holding "i am sorry .. Taking so long ... For this moment" he whispered. I smile "Because you know i will stay still, dont you ?". Our eyes meet again, the wind blowing as dancing between us. "I am no longer young anymore" i said in a shame, he smirks and say "My angel never stop to be beautiful in times". His smiles prolong into my heart which i adore in years, his eyes through my soul which i wonder in years, his voices are sounding in my humming in years, his touches are bringing me alive in my longing. He is the one ... My dream.


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