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Thursday, April 13, 2017

You asked me what i dreamed about you ? It was the same dream which i had for years amd years. I was in your hug, sleeping thight as like as a baby new born. Hearing your pulse, your breath, smelling your bidy and feeling your warm. And i just opened my eyes in tears then back to sleep again. What should i say then ... I think ... Nothing. Good night my dream. Missing you badly.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bussy month in february. Not only had ordered for savory snacks almost each week but also cakes and cupcakes birthday ordered. I just sleep just for two hours lately. Haaaa ####!!!!!!#### feel like an alien. As if my dream besides me right now i will ask him to massage my head until i fall asleep. Then when i wake up suddenly, i will ask him so same again amd again until maybe he feels grumpy. Hug, i just realize it is valentine day. I never celebrate it. Few years a go he sent me red flowers bouquet. I still keep the box and the dry flowers inside its. I could smile and cry ar same time remain all those moments especially when he was in UK before he left me for almost 3 years ago. Hug, good night my dream. Missing you badly.


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