'New Post on August 5, 2014'

Thursday, December 4, 2014

"Bunda, you are so beautiful" khansa always says like that whe we see to the mirror together. "Khansa very beautiful too" I always kiss her cheek, eyes, nose, chin and end with her lips like I always do to my dream. She usually smiles and says "I love you bunda" and I always say same "I love you khansa". Being a mother for me is a whole life commitment. I through very much hard moment when pregant, for 9 months I have to do heparyn injection twice a day to my body ; arms and thigh and passed so much difficult and risky opearation cesarean in maternity. Khansa always hugs me when sees me cry, she always tries making me smile and laugh. I love you so much Khansa.


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