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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cecilia Ahern E-book

I know i am very late to read P.S I love You Novel. I have seen the movie uhm ... not too exciting. But ..., on my last birthday on February, my ass.man gave me that novel for a gift. When i read the 1st chapter i felt overwhelmed-excited. The novel seems nicer than the movie :). Cecilia Ahern is a fresh written, i like the way she describes word by word.
So..., the good news is ... i have some e-book from Cecilia Ahern. Just hit in and save it. See..., how nice i am ?.
Have a holly reading.
  1. If you could see me now
  2. Love, Rosie - Where rainbows end
  3. Thanks for the memories

Hindu Day of Silence

The Balinese welcomed Saka New Year which is called a Hindu day of silence well known with Nyepi. The meaning of Nyepi is a day with full of silence and reflect upon their selves. In that day, the Balinese have to stay at home, do meditation, read religion books, and pray. In their homes they are not allow to turn on electricity and fire even hinder to talk to another that could lessen the meaning of Nyepi. In holly of Nyepi day, Hinduism do fasting which start before the sun rises until the sun sets.
A day before Nyepi, Hinduism who are spread all over Indonesia especially Jakarta held parade tradition ceremony ‘Ogoh-Ogoh’. Ogoh-ogah is a creature like a giant doll symbolized evil spirit that can disturb Hindu people to celebrate Saka New Year.

A Balinese man waiting sun sets

Ogoh-Ogoh parade in Denpasar, Bali

Ogoh-Ogoh parade in Jakarta


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