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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fight for Women

I love Oprah, because she is the one who always fight to women ; independence, freedom, right, ability, welfare and off course safety. I visit her website regularly and always find fabulous - awesome inside.
Hardly to imagine Oprah will end her show in 2012, i am sure she has own reason to quit from Oprah Show and begin to air Oprah Channel TV herself.
This article open my mind that somewhere in our world there are women who still fight to live from abuse, sex trafficking, rape, racism, slavery, lack of knowledge, in-welfare and many many the others things which hard to write one by one.
I am lucky to be born as woman, i am gratefull someday i will be a mother, i am happy to feel tummy sick each month for my PMS, and i am happy to a quote "wherever you want to find heaven, it is placed under you mother's feet".

Women around the world don't need handouts. They need handups. How small loans can help women everywhere stand on their own.

At the peak of the transatlantic slave trade, 80,000 slaves were transported from Africa to the new world. Today, more than 10 times as many women are being forced into brothels or other forms of slavery.

In places like the Congo, rape is used as a weapon to destroy women's lives, as victims are often made outcasts by their communities and struggle to survive.

In many parts of the world, getting pregnant is the most dangerous thing a woman can do. In fact, a woman dies from pregnancy and labor every minute—the equivalent of five jumbo jets of women dying every day.

When just one girl is educated, she shares what she knows with the community. When a community knows better, they do better. You can be the key that unlocks the hidden potential.

Cartoon Time

Well ... Well ... it has been so long :) i know ... i know ...
So, let me start with easy post to re-fresh and re-gain my soul to fill my blog. And please, let me say this for myself " Happy Blogging AGAIN Ryza :) "
It is not my intention for absence in posting, i just lost for big space what is named 'imagination' and 'inspiration'. Then, here i am ... and i hope the aura around still support me to keep posting.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween @_@

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dropping The Tears

song of the day [embeed&download]
"Do you want to do something crazy ?" she smiles, let her fingers open widely to reach his fingers "Do you want to die together ?" she waits for another fingers reach hers. She closes her eyes, no matter what she will not move, her legs will be stiff and strict as like as a stone. It is not suicide, it is not regret, it is not lost mind, it just relieve. She stands at center on road, she let everything is free this moment. Dim light of a car fade her eyes, but she just ignored it. One ... the car still run toward her, two ... she still close her eyes, three ... she is ready to die.
Her fingers not cold as before, there is one person walks toward her slowly but surely to reach those fingers "Don't leave me ... lets we die together" he hugs her deeply. The dim light turn off "Hey you two ..., are you nuts ? move away, please find another place to take suicide !!!!!" the driver shouted as barked to them.
The girl opens her eyes "Don't you see, even God not let us to die in this way" the tears turns slowly over her cheek "Should we find another way to die ? i can't bare this anymore".
This love is called pain. Pain to pretend that there is no love between them. Emily is an ordinary girl who work as pianist at the famous cafe in town. Bi is an extraordinary boy who is famous and completely bright star. Their first met was about one year ago, that time after filmed shoot there were many reporters run toward him. What he thought just private time for his lunch. He opened his bag and took a cap then put on his head, walked slowly to a girl who just out from storage room "I need you hug to cover me from them outside, can you help me ? i'm sure they wont recognize me here" he grabbed Emily's hand then hug her as like as they were a couple who not see for a long time "I wont forget your helping me" whispered him on her ear.
The day after, Emily received a bouquet of yellow rose on her piano "Thank you -Bi-" it was written from Bi for her, A famous movie star just gave her yellow rose ? it was nonsense. At first time, emily didn't pay attention for it, but more after she felt something different whenever she found Bi in Cafe to watch her played piano every night.
"Get well soon K, i miss you" slowly tears are down. A person that she loves just lie for almost 6 months because fire accident, he being hospitalized because Emily. He runs into fire to save her, Emily is safe but her parents and brother died. K is not die yet, but he can't move, can't talk even open his eyes. K is a person who always beside her, a person who always guard her, a person who substitute as father - mother and brother because she is an orphan right now, a person who loves her all heart and sincere. It is her first love. His name is just K, he always be on top list in everything because his short name, Emily smiles whenever the memories remain back about K.
One night, K condition dropped to 40%, all over his body was cold as a die person. Emily ruined into bare time to wait K all night, waited the ICU room door opened and the doctor would tell her that everything was fine. She stood on her knee hours and hours in the corner, shaked, cried and afraid, all she knew if K died she would have no one in this world.
"Is okay Em" Suddenly Bi came and hug her from back. She knew for sure, she felt relieved that Bi was there that night not because she needed a friend but Bi has took half of her heart.
Is it wrong to let this feeling grow ? Is it wrong to let this feeling become deep love ? It is different, very different. This feeling toward Bi is different than K. How come she become heartless person like this ? K is there right on hospital force to die and live but how come she let herself fall into Bi ?. Many thought roll over in mind.
Tonight the temperature is lower, she can't walk anymore but she have to keep walking to move away those thought. Emily doesn't recognize that Bi follows her. At once she falls, her feet feel heavy, the cold wraps her as like as ice cube, her heart feels weary because guilty, her tears never stop and she falls again. Just let fall and silent "I'm sorry K, i'm sorry ...". Bi walks slowly to reach her "You must be tired, how come a girl can walk that far in this stupid cold, come ... lets we eat some soup and hot chocolate" Bi tries to make her stand and walk, but Emily again and again refuse it. "Leave me Bi, don't you see ... you are worthless in here", "Come ... do you want to stay in here all night ?" he sees her tears start over down again. "I will if i want, what is you intention follow me until this far ? what is your purpose to tutor me like this ? i'm not yours ... don't you see i have K there, why you always around me ? leave me Bi ... i said leave me ... don't you understand ? don't you hear ... leave me Bi, forget everything ... just leave me" her voice is in deep sorrow.
Bi grabs Emily hand, hold her tightly and put her on his back "Are you deaf ? let me down" again and again Emily shouted to Bi but not a single word out from his mouth. That night he take Emily with him.
Even the cafe nearly closed, but Bi is still there listening Emily play the piano. The last guest give an applause for Emily playing and please to go home. Emily still seat in her seat as like as Bi. It is love that he never said, it is love that he never had, it is love that should not keep. Everyone is pleased going home, the lamp just turn off, what is left just Bi and Emily. Bi put off his cap and glasses walking near to Emily. "I will take you home" he smiles and walks toward the door. "Bi ..., K will be out from hospital tomorrow, i decided to live with him ... marry him" her voice blends into sorrow and weary. "Have you taken all you things, i will take you home" seems like Bi wont listen everything on it. Bi keep walking toward the door while Emily walked back from him. Bi turns the door "I am sorry Bi ... " Emily hugs him "I can't leave K, I'm sorry .... we are not fate belong together. I'm sorry Bi ... Lets we pretend we never met before ... " Bi turns, sees Emily in sorrow, he is crying, there are many word which he wants to talk but seems blur at first. Bi kisses Emily gently and become deeply "I love you Em". Emily let herself going with that kiss, even she knows it will make them more pain after this. Emily takes Bi hands, takes him with her, for this night, only this night, let he becomes mine just tonight.
"Do you want to do something crazy ?" she smiles, let her fingers open widely to reach his fingers "Do you want to die together ?" she waits for another fingers reach hers. She closes her eyes, no matter what she will not move, her legs will be stiff and strict as like as a stone. It is not suicide, it is not regret, it is not lost mind, it just relieve. She stands at center on road, she let everything is free this moment. Dim light of a car fade her eyes, but she just ignored it. One ... the car still run toward her, two ... she still close her eyes, three ... she is ready to die.
Her fingers not cold as before, there is one person walks toward her slowly but surely to reach those fingers "Don't leave me ... lets we die together" he hugs her deeply. The dim light turn off "Hey you two ..., are you nuts ? move away, please find another place to take suicide !!!!!" the driver shouted as barked to them.
The girl opens her eyes "Don't you see, even God not let us to die together" the tears turns slowly over her cheek "Should we find another way to die ?, i can't bare this anymore"
After K out from hospital, Emily married with K. K still can't talk, need wheelchair to walk but he can move her body bit by bit. Emily let her love to Bi keep in heart.
"Be strong K" she smiles to K. All she needs is K strength to keep alive. She holds his hand while she is sleeping. K caress Emily face gently until he sleeps away "Thank you Emily ... please live well okay ... everytime you see mountain that will as high as my love to you, everytime you see sky that will as wide as my love to you, everytime you see ocean that will as deep as my love to you".
In the morning when Emily try to wake K "Good morning K, open your eyes, lets we walk this morning. I will take you to deep pine forest nearby our house, don't you like it ?".
It just word for K, it just something which wont be accomplished because K had passed away last night.
Emily back to town, works again in the same cafe. Day and day she waits to one person, it is Bi. But he never appear even once.
Until one day, "It is very beautiful playing, i had been heard this playing before" a guest told her so. "Thank you, you must be stick customer in here right, i just play this song in here" Emily smiles "And i never published that song into publick before" Emilly adds. "I am not too often come here, even i just know that you are part in this cafe" a guest said so. "Oh really, well ... where you have heard this song before ?". "My patient, he always play this song every night. He said he wanted to hear this song before he sleeps, afraid that he will miss it next morning, no one know how if next morning he will be still alive or no". Emily smiles "Really, i'm glad that i can give your patient that strong. Please send my greeting for him". "I will, but ... how about you come with me to see him. I'm sure your presence will bring more courage for him. Do you want ?". Emily nods "I love to".
It is the same hospital where K did. The same hospital where Bi always beside him whenever she needs power, she needs shoulder to cry on, she needs someone to kill the time and Bi always there ... seems like he always follow her everywhere.
"It is the room, i will take you to see him" the doctor open the door "Wait Doc ... is it okay ? or ... just give this CD to him, i recorded another songs for him, to make him always bear in everything" said Emily. "It's fine, come with me" said the doctor.
The room is so silent, there is only him in this room. "It is out of his habit, listen your song in this time, meanwhile not his sleep time yet" the doctor smiles to Emily.
"Hello ... sir ... how are you ? getting better after last operation ?" asked the doctor
"Getting better Doc", Emily is freezing she really know that voice, that is only one person who has that voice.
"I bring someone to you, i'm sure you'll love it. She is the player of the song that you played every night"
Emily walks slowly toward that person, his head is bold, closer and closer. It is Bi right there, lie on the bed, in sorrow eyes and tears when he sees Emily.
The first met at Cafe exactly not the first time Bi saw Emily. He had seen Emily same day when K being hospitalized. That was love at first time he saw a girl felt lonely, weary, sorrow and lost. He always there because he had to check regularly. Directly Emily gave him strength to keep alive, did his role as famous star, keep away the fact that he is sick. More over Emily left, more over he lost the strength. He didn't have any reason to keep strength, there was no reason for him had to keep alive to next morning if Emily wasn't there.
"Is it cold Bi ?" asked Emily, "No, it is warm, because you are here with me. You are as like as my electric blanket for me". "Are you sure you want to do this crazy things with me Bi ?" asked Emily. "Don't doubt about it. I wait another crazy things to do together" Bi smiles and laughs.
"Bi ... i owe you some words" Emily smiles to Bi, hold him more tight, caress his face, wipe his tears. "What Em ?".
Emily hugs Bi, whispers in his ear "I love you Bi, love you at first time you hug me at the cafe"
They see each other, eye by eye. Smile to smile. They kiss gently, and might be last kiss for them.
Emily takes Bi to her house in village where he and K lived. Take him to deep pine forest where she wanted to take K before he died. They sit together under the pine forest, morning to night, all day. They let their body die in freezing. But they wont let their love die, let this love sprung like seeds.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This song give me litle 'cure' in fasting today :)

song of the day [embeed&download]

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Means Peak Day

Well, it is Monday and it means working hours will be officially started and the last but not the least throughout this week i have to face crowded, rush and peak road from Monday to Friday :( This morning i took my EPT (English Profeciany Test) result but, the result quite far from i wish even my score was above standard qualification that's why i should grateful whatever is.

Song of the day [embeed&download]

Sunday, September 27, 2009

C for Cookies

There are some cookies which i made for orders, the taste ... really can't say in words :)
Snow Cookies (each cookies mixed with roasted mede peanuts and wrapped with caster sugar which taste cold and icy whenever u bite it)
Stick Cheese Cookies (each cookie, contain rich edam cheese with cheddar cheese on top)
Canary Cookies (100% butter, melt in mouth with canary and sugar on top)
Pineapple Cookies (each cookie has sweet and juicy pineapple on the centre with cheddar cheese on top)
Chocolate Cookies (100% cocoa powder and bit choco pasta, met in mouth and choco chips on top)

My Passion For Blogginf Just Back

What a lovely morning, i woke in beautiful Sunday morning with strong blogging passion. I have been waited this moment since long. there must be disturbed thing whenever i want to post my written here. But now this morning, seems all the disturbing things are put away for a moment :). I will start my passion to put my song of the day, please note ... lately i like to put a song which i called favorite song of the day :), i think Korean wave had been wind me from few years back, the 1st Korean drama i ever seen is Goong, The Palace. Started from that drama i was already fall in love with hallyu (Korean actors and artists) and Korean wave. Today, the lately Korean drama I'm watching is My Fair Lady, Please Take Care My Lady.
Good morning Ryza ..., please enjoy your last holiday.

Song of the day [embeed&download]

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just Let Go, Let In, It Will Be New Start

What a day, well, i just can say ... it will be a new start for me ... no matter what later all i have to do just face the day and the other days after through this Saturday. Aza ... fighting ... Ryza :)

Song of the day [embeed&download

September, September The Day Is September :)

Well, this must be song of the month, because not only the title is 'September' but also the material its contain cherful meaning :)
<a href="http://listenandlearn.bandcamp.com/track/september-2">September by Listen &amp Learn Music</a>

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A for Amazing

Wow..., it has been quite long i didn't write any post since last August. I think it was nearly a month, phew ... There are some reasons which i want to share with you, readers. The 1st is i really have least time to post any written because i used to come home late from office last August. The 2nd is In September, me as a Muslim, went through fasting month for a month when ended on September 20, 2009. The 3rd is i received many orders for Idul Fitri's cookies, that time i used to make cookies right after reached at home until 1 am in the morning, you could say i just slept for 3 hours more and less because on 4 am i have to wake up to perform sahur (in Muslim mean eat in dawn to start fasting in a day). So here i am now, enjoying my Idul Fitri day off which is the longest holiday i always have.
I took short video whenever i broke my fasting gathered with my friends in Grand Indonesia. There was a beautiful and a amazing the other art of water. Please take a look at this.

Note : It will be shown every one hour and at the end there will be many bubbles soap fall around you, is it cool right ?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Have You Seen A Recycle House ?

The other side of me is like to see and explore about housing and gardening. Until i found this article which shocked me, the first question was how come this house built ? what kind of things and ornaments that filled this house ?.
This person i'm sure must be a creative person, start from the floor, the roof, until tiny ornaments are made from recycle things. Used botle, cattle bones, piece of glass, old frame, and many many others. Have enjoy to see the faboulus recycled house.

About 12 years ago, Dan Phillips started Phoenix Commotion, a construction business in his hometown, Huntsville, Tex., where he builds low-income housing out of salvaged items.

So far, he has built 14 homes on lots either purchased or received as a donation. A self-taught carpenter, electrician and plumber, Mr. Phillips said 80 percent of the materials are salvaged from other construction projects, hauled out of trash heaps or just picked up from the side of the road.

Salvaged wine corks, which are easy to come by, provide an inexpensive form of cork flooring. "We have some heavy drinkers in town," Mr. Phillips said.

The bases of wine bottles function like stained glass on the top of a Dutch door.

Mr. Phillips created a counter out of slices of osage orange wood, a ubiquitous material in East Texas that many builders find difficult to use.

At left, the osage orange wood is used as railing.

Mr. Phillips's houses use scrap wood for siding. City officials worked closely with him to set up a recycled building materials warehouse where builders, demolition crews and building product manufacturers can drop off items rather than throwing them in a landfill.

Thousands of picture frame corners were used to create the ceiling at left. Mr. Phillips said, "A frame shop was getting rid of old samples and I was there waiting."

A wood-burning stove from an old ship found a new home in Mr. Phillips's "tree house."

Kristie Stevens rents one of Mr. Phillips's houses. She is working with him on building a house of her own nearby, since Mr. Phillips requires the eventual owner of a house to help with its construction.

"If the walls are wonky, it will be my fault but also my pride," she said

A chair's back is fashioned out of cattle bones

Cattle bones are also used to form address numbers.

Mr. Phillips oversees employees building a house. "I think mobile homes are a blight on the planet," he said. "Attractive, affordable housing is possible and I'm out to prove it."

One worker, Tom McKinney, applies mirror shards to a wall.

Broken tiles are brought together to make up a bathroom floor

Mr. Phillips used old shingles, arranged by color, to build the roof of what he calls "the storybook house."

"You can't defy the laws of physics or building codes," Mr. Phillips said, "but beyond that, the possibilities are endless."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cultural Festival

Each August 17, we celebrate our independence day and this year in 2009 Indonesia had been 64 years old. In 1945 we conquered our enemy -Japan and Netherlands- that time our president Soekarno and Vice President M. Hatta declared Independence of Indonesia, vanished all slavery and colonization especially from Japan and Netherlands. There are many ways to celebrate our independence from formal ceremonial, games, bazaar, festival and the others. Such as Cultural Festival that held on August 18, 2009 right on National Monument.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cookies For Baazar

Kastengel (Edam Cheese Cookies)

Chocolate Stick

Chocolate Chips

Praline Chocolate

Last Friday to Saturday, i made some cookies :) well ... well, i know Idul Fitri not coming that fast but, my BF asked me to make kastengel, various chocolate stick, dark chocolate chip, and praline chocolate. All those things will put on his bazaar which held on Tuesday this week right on his office. After wrapped it i hope my cookies willl be sold out :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Blog

Well ... finally, after reconsider few things, i had made another blog account on wordpress. Anytime you, reader, have free time please welcome to this link At 1st, i have to learn a lot about this new thing, but more and more i started to kick it :).

And ... the most important thing is "Don't worry, this blogspot still active. I'll post the article like i used to".

Come and look my wordpress.

Note : This official blog on blogspot will always be fresh and so do my blog on wordpress

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Myths But Sometimes Prooven

Grandma's wisdom: Chocolate gives you pimples.
Science says: Not quite. Chocolate bars might trigger an acne flare-up, but if so, the culprit is probably the sugar, milk, and gooey fillings, not the cocoa.

Grandma's wisdom: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Science says: Granny's overstating this fruit's potency. Still, the peel is a good source of quercetin, an important antioxidant that, studies suggest, helps lower blood pressure, fight asthma and allergies, and prevent heart attacks.

Grandma's wisdom: If you go out with wet hair, you'll catch a cold.
Science says: Maybe. Some research indicates (but doesn't prove) that a wet head helps cold viruses take hold, by tightening blood vessels in the nose and making it harder for white blood cells to reach the viruses and fight them off.

Air Conditioning
Grandma's wisdom: Sleeping in air-conditioning can give you a chill.
Science says: She may be onto something. Air conditioners dry out the protective layer of mucus along nasal passages, which likely allows viruses to infect you more easily. Viruses reproduce faster inside a cold nose too.

Grandma's wisdom: Put butter on a burn.
Science says: No. There's no evidence of a benefit from butter.

Grandma's wisdom: Honey speeds healing.
Science says: Yes. Mild to moderate burns (but not other types of wounds) heal faster if you spread honey on them -- maybe because it creates a moist, antibacterial environment that promotes tissue growth.

Grandma's wisdom: Swimming after eating can lead to cramps and drowning.
Science says: Not exactly, but not completely wrong either. After you eat, blood gets shunted to your digestive tract and away from exercising muscles. That can lead to a buildup of lactic acid in your muscles, so swimming a few laps too soon after lunch could cause a sudden (though not fatal) cramp.

Grandma's wisdom: Ginger is good for upset stomachs.
Science says: Yes. Good evidence shows ginger reduces nausea.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At 1st As Penpal At Last Being Partner In Life

Whenever i read this story, my heart thrilled ... then wondered ... how if that happened to me, what would i do ?. 19 years are really not long period as i know and surely you know also. It is not an issue that love can come into many ways. Love never can't read in logic and can't realize when it starts. I believe people who have faith like this will always tie up til end. Congrat for you two ... and i hope people out there who still be alone keep their big heart that love will find you whatever, whenever, however, and wherever you are.

Jaime Benefit and Jeremy Clayton met as pen pals during the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

It started with a letter - and ended in a wedding.
Nearly two decades ago, 13-year-old Jaime Benefit wrote a letter addressed to "Any Soldier" during the Persian Gulf War, expressing her support for the troops as they prepared to invade Iraq.
The letter made its way to Pfc. Jeremy Clayton, a 19-year-old soldier from Charleston, S.C., who was serving with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment.
The two became pen pals, writing back and forth about sports, high school and their families.
"Just stuff to keep their minds off of what was going on and keep their spirits up," said Benefit, 32.
After the war ended, the two stopped writing, but Benefit always wondered what happened to Clayton.
"I'd always kept his letters," she said. "I had them wrapped in a red-white-and-blue ribbon."
Earlier this year, she searched his name on Facebook and sent him a short note: "Were you in Desert Storm?"
Clayton, 38, now out of the Army, saw the message and had one reaction: "Shock and awe."
"I just knew I had to find out what she was doing," he recalled.
The two agreed to meet in March, and their fate was sealed.
"It took my breath," Clayton said of seeing his one-time pen pal in the flesh. "I was actually shaking and I'm a pretty strong man. I just said to myself, 'You have to do whatever you can to make sure you spend the rest of your life with this woman.'"
Clayton proposed not long after, and the two got married July 15 in a simple ceremony on the beach in Charleston.
"It was fate that I got her letter," he said. "And her finding me 19 years later was fate."
The Internet may have brought the newlyweds together, but they still rely on good old pen and paper to keep their bond strong.
"She writes me notes every morning and puts them in my lunch," he said.


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