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Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Means Peak Day

Well, it is Monday and it means working hours will be officially started and the last but not the least throughout this week i have to face crowded, rush and peak road from Monday to Friday :( This morning i took my EPT (English Profeciany Test) result but, the result quite far from i wish even my score was above standard qualification that's why i should grateful whatever is.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

C for Cookies

There are some cookies which i made for orders, the taste ... really can't say in words :)
Snow Cookies (each cookies mixed with roasted mede peanuts and wrapped with caster sugar which taste cold and icy whenever u bite it)
Stick Cheese Cookies (each cookie, contain rich edam cheese with cheddar cheese on top)
Canary Cookies (100% butter, melt in mouth with canary and sugar on top)
Pineapple Cookies (each cookie has sweet and juicy pineapple on the centre with cheddar cheese on top)
Chocolate Cookies (100% cocoa powder and bit choco pasta, met in mouth and choco chips on top)

My Passion For Blogginf Just Back

What a lovely morning, i woke in beautiful Sunday morning with strong blogging passion. I have been waited this moment since long. there must be disturbed thing whenever i want to post my written here. But now this morning, seems all the disturbing things are put away for a moment :). I will start my passion to put my song of the day, please note ... lately i like to put a song which i called favorite song of the day :), i think Korean wave had been wind me from few years back, the 1st Korean drama i ever seen is Goong, The Palace. Started from that drama i was already fall in love with hallyu (Korean actors and artists) and Korean wave. Today, the lately Korean drama I'm watching is My Fair Lady, Please Take Care My Lady.
Good morning Ryza ..., please enjoy your last holiday.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just Let Go, Let In, It Will Be New Start

What a day, well, i just can say ... it will be a new start for me ... no matter what later all i have to do just face the day and the other days after through this Saturday. Aza ... fighting ... Ryza :)

Song of the day [embeed&download

September, September The Day Is September :)

Well, this must be song of the month, because not only the title is 'September' but also the material its contain cherful meaning :)
<a href="http://listenandlearn.bandcamp.com/track/september-2">September by Listen &amp Learn Music</a>

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A for Amazing

Wow..., it has been quite long i didn't write any post since last August. I think it was nearly a month, phew ... There are some reasons which i want to share with you, readers. The 1st is i really have least time to post any written because i used to come home late from office last August. The 2nd is In September, me as a Muslim, went through fasting month for a month when ended on September 20, 2009. The 3rd is i received many orders for Idul Fitri's cookies, that time i used to make cookies right after reached at home until 1 am in the morning, you could say i just slept for 3 hours more and less because on 4 am i have to wake up to perform sahur (in Muslim mean eat in dawn to start fasting in a day). So here i am now, enjoying my Idul Fitri day off which is the longest holiday i always have.
I took short video whenever i broke my fasting gathered with my friends in Grand Indonesia. There was a beautiful and a amazing the other art of water. Please take a look at this.

Note : It will be shown every one hour and at the end there will be many bubbles soap fall around you, is it cool right ?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Have You Seen A Recycle House ?

The other side of me is like to see and explore about housing and gardening. Until i found this article which shocked me, the first question was how come this house built ? what kind of things and ornaments that filled this house ?.
This person i'm sure must be a creative person, start from the floor, the roof, until tiny ornaments are made from recycle things. Used botle, cattle bones, piece of glass, old frame, and many many others. Have enjoy to see the faboulus recycled house.

About 12 years ago, Dan Phillips started Phoenix Commotion, a construction business in his hometown, Huntsville, Tex., where he builds low-income housing out of salvaged items.

So far, he has built 14 homes on lots either purchased or received as a donation. A self-taught carpenter, electrician and plumber, Mr. Phillips said 80 percent of the materials are salvaged from other construction projects, hauled out of trash heaps or just picked up from the side of the road.

Salvaged wine corks, which are easy to come by, provide an inexpensive form of cork flooring. "We have some heavy drinkers in town," Mr. Phillips said.

The bases of wine bottles function like stained glass on the top of a Dutch door.

Mr. Phillips created a counter out of slices of osage orange wood, a ubiquitous material in East Texas that many builders find difficult to use.

At left, the osage orange wood is used as railing.

Mr. Phillips's houses use scrap wood for siding. City officials worked closely with him to set up a recycled building materials warehouse where builders, demolition crews and building product manufacturers can drop off items rather than throwing them in a landfill.

Thousands of picture frame corners were used to create the ceiling at left. Mr. Phillips said, "A frame shop was getting rid of old samples and I was there waiting."

A wood-burning stove from an old ship found a new home in Mr. Phillips's "tree house."

Kristie Stevens rents one of Mr. Phillips's houses. She is working with him on building a house of her own nearby, since Mr. Phillips requires the eventual owner of a house to help with its construction.

"If the walls are wonky, it will be my fault but also my pride," she said

A chair's back is fashioned out of cattle bones

Cattle bones are also used to form address numbers.

Mr. Phillips oversees employees building a house. "I think mobile homes are a blight on the planet," he said. "Attractive, affordable housing is possible and I'm out to prove it."

One worker, Tom McKinney, applies mirror shards to a wall.

Broken tiles are brought together to make up a bathroom floor

Mr. Phillips used old shingles, arranged by color, to build the roof of what he calls "the storybook house."

"You can't defy the laws of physics or building codes," Mr. Phillips said, "but beyond that, the possibilities are endless."


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