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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fall ... But, Fine

I fell on last Sunday from stair. Suddenly felt dark and blank, closed the eyes and just fell. I sit in few moments when realized i just fell. Directly went to near doctor clinic to check up what was happened. My blood pressure was low from normal, which made me lost conscious. Since Monday, my sight looked gazed maybe the blood pressure still low. I had not receive any order cakes and cookies since Monday, i prefer to take more sleep because i got so easy to headache. And thank to God, Khansa not too fussy since last Sunday, maybe she knew that her mother not well enough. The temperature sometimes warm, cold and last night got fever. My hands still bit pain because hold myself from stair holder when fell. Sometimes i sit when perform sholat, well is fine Allah more know my condition. "Bunda ..." khansa always hugs me whenever see me cry. She already seen me in tears many times. I smiled to her but still cried, "Bunda is fine". I am crying rite now when writing this post. I am feeling empty. Listening this song 'My All-Mariah carey' is too enough for me : I am thinking of you / In my sleepless solitude tonight / If it's wrong to love you / Then my heart just won't let me be right / 'Cause I'm drowned in you / And I won't pull through / Without you by my side / I'd give my all to have / Just one more night with you / I'd risk my life to feel / Your body next to mine / 'Cause I can't go on / Living in the memory of our song / I'd give my all for your love tonight / Baby can you feel me / Imagining I'm looking in your eyes / I can see you clearly / Vividly emblazoned in my mind / And that you're so far / Like a distant star / I'm wishing on tonight


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