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Thursday, January 2, 2014


2.36 am finished from baking cookies, performed tahajud, read al quran, then prepared to sleep. I am writing to heal before go to bed. 

January 2, 2013. This late and still awake. Usually talked to him what he is doing and now it is not my portion anymore. I am happy for him, my dream. For whatever truth and the reason behind all of this i already send it to Allah because it is not my part anymore.

I already given everything, the heart, the feeling, the risk, the body and soul itself. I never can say no, to wonder how big, how deep, how wide, how tall and how long what is shaped of love itself. I am willing do all, with just a reason i believe "Because i love you".

I feel thrown away, but more over i believe Allah has the reasons for all. An angel not always has wings and a dream not always grant to be real. The rest which scatter to be a puzzle and make a shape along with times. Path life may different, but heart wont lie. Each smile and laugh, there will drip of tears which no end. Take everything you may need, reach anything you dream, wish and plan because everyone deserve it.


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