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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Painting Your Room

Do you think these paintings can run your inspiration and imagination ? Even a room looks small but cuz of painting it will make fabulous one, then a room which is big surely make as like as heaven.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogger Buddy on Windows Vista Sidebar

Well, i just tried to add blogger buddy for my windows vista sidebar. It was fun and totally usefull for me, especially for the addict bogger as like me :). It is my first post directly on my windows sidebar. Totally rock !.
For you who already used Windows Vista Program, visit this
link to add your windows vista sidebar. Have enjoy it.

Car Free Day

Every Sunday in the last week of a month, Jakarta citizen used to celebrate 'Car Free Day'. On July 26, 2009, Hotel Indonesia and Thamrin main street were chosen as place for 'Car Free Day' action. I never wondered before those main street would be no car at all. I always through those main street everytime i head to home and always be completely crowded in working hours home. People gathered and did many action to rejoice 'Car Free Day'. There were so many attraction held such as ondel-ondel, delman and gymnast.

Ondel-ondel as one of genuine traditional culture from Jakarta - Betawi

Delman, one of old transportation which use horse and ride by kusir (a man who run the horse)

Another ondel-ondel pictures

Group of gymnast who rejoice in attraction

Bunderan Hotel Indonesia as one of historical place in main centre of Jakarta

Another gymnast group pictures

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bottled Water

Not because i am a pisces does mean i like to drink :). If i have to choose tea, coffee, syrup, soda and mineral water i will prefer the mineral water. If i have to choose meat, rice, noodle, fish and vegetables i am surely prefer vegetable but not for last off course i will choose fruit :). Is not about being healthy life or somewhat, even for diet nutrition and others. I like to drink mineral water because that one no-smell and no-color. But, eventually i read one article on yahoo which wrote about bottled water. I had known some helpfull information before i read that. Don't let your bottled water left in car, don't let your bottled water directly interacted with heat and sunlight, just use bottled water for once and so on. But, i never known that bottled water, including the most expensive one still contained bacteria even it stated that 'had sterilized'. Just take a look at this.

Bottled water isn’t always pure
Scan the labels of the leading brands and you see variations on the words “pure” and “natural” and “pristine” over and over again. And when a Cornell University marketing class studied consumer perceptions of bottled water, they found that people thought it was cleaner, with less bacteria. But that may not actually be true. For example, in a 4-year review that included the testing of 1,000 bottles of water, the Natural Resources Defense Council—one the country’s most ardent environmental crusaders—found that “about 22 percent of the brands we tested contained, in at least one sample, chemical contaminants at levels above strict state health limits.”

It’s not clear where the plastic container ends and the drink begins
Turns out, when certain plastics are heated at a high temperature, chemicals from the plastics may leach into container’s contents. So there’s been a flurry of speculation recently as to whether the amounts of these chemicals are actually harmful, and whether this is even a concern when it comes to water bottles—which aren’t likely to be placed in boiling water or even a microwave. While the jury is still out on realistic health ramifications, it seems that, yes, small amounts of chemicals from PET water bottles such as antimony—a semi-metal that’s thought to be toxic in large doses—can accumulate the longer bottled water is stored in a hot environment. Which, of course, is probably a good reason to avoid storing bottled water in your garage for six months—or better yet, to just reach for tap instead.

In my opinion after read this, i think is better to take bottled water that container is a cup from your own kitchen, and it contains a product that has passed strict state, federal and local guidelines for cleanliness and quality. Hey ... don't be paranoia after read this and don't keep any suggestion feeling that bottled water is harmful. I just share my thought, opinion and information that i know. So ... just be carefull.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bombed in JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton Jakarta

These are some pictures as proof that terrorism really don't have BRAIN and un-human being. The bombed happeened on Friday morning about 8 am when guest used to have breakfast. What can i say ?. There were some rumors that 'they' (who did bombed) wanted to make Indonesia as like as Iran, 'they' wanted ruined our government into RIS (Revolusionair, Indonesia United) - that meant change into communist one, 'they' wanted to kill our president, and other...other... rumors just make Indonesia going deep and under in fear.

Friday, July 17, 2009

this condition rarely happened on friday night especially for home working hour at protocol way sudirman-thamrin,there is less crowded when i'm head to home,i wonder what happen?and i realize is all cuz the impact of bombed tragedy that happened last morning.why it has to be happened again?when our politics and economics run quite well so far.i wish for good and hope good image for indonesia back soon.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Off For Temporally

Start from Sunday to Tuesday (i hope), i am on duty trip outside from Jakarta to finalize financial performance guidance for evaluation purpose. Sorry for inconvenience 'cuz i will be rarely post new topic on my blog. See you soon ... readers :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Day In Neverland For Remembrance of Michael Jackson

Entrance Gate "Welcome to Neverland"

Front view at Neverland Ranch

Long table banquet which put on back main house under a lovely big tree at Neverland Ranch

Two kids bronze statue put on main path to main house at Neverland Ranch

Three kids bronze statue located from main house background

A gift from Elizabeth Taylor which put side from swimming pool at Neverland Ranch

Railway station at Neverland Ranch

Tennis field is located on back from pool house

A bronze statue forward to main road to main house at Neverland Ranch

The three kids fishing statue from backside main house at Neverland Ranch

Spiral stair to up floor and a room in railway station space

The candles hung on to main house entrance at Neverland Ranch

A long coridor with windows side through to main house at Neverland Ranch

Up floor at main house at Neverland Ranch

Inside interior from hidden room with three shelves which used to save Michael's valueable things at Neverland Ranch

Inside interior from pool house, Michael used to fill this space with ding dong games

The big clock hung on railway station at Neverland Ranch

backside of main house at Neverland where Michael used to bath and sleep

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big Day For Indonesia

Today on July 8,2009 we have important day to show and proof that indonesia is a high democracy country. The president election will held today. There are 3 candidates : mega-prabowo,sby-boediono and jk-wiranto. For me whoever the president later, the most important is they can bring this country into the welfare one. Please vote your voice to change. Directly post on mobile-opera mini.

Monday, July 6, 2009

What Did Hairstylist Say ?

I like to go to salon to do hairstylist, not only to cut but also to do hair creambath, hair spa, and hair masker. I have wavy hair and again ... again i had tried to straighten my hair with makarizo rebonding or ironing hair tools, but it had been back to the original. Until today, i had tried various hairstyle started from short, middle, and remain long to pony and i think ... i still not find the right style yet for me especially for my round face with my thick cheek. I never know the secret or special ingredients that are contain in their shampoo, conditioner, cream, serum and so on. What the funny is, I always feel GREAT everytime I get out from salon, so … what are their secret ? what are they hide for me, us – as customer ?. When I read this article, it seemed funny things but could be worth information for us. The most important is let the hairdresser know what you exactly want because they have expertise, skill and knowledge in this field, but remember they can offer magic to your hair but they can't spread mantra to your face.

  • Come at least five minutes early. If you're running late, please call ahead. Show me some basic respect. This is a business, not fun and games
  • Don't ask me to "squeeze" you in when I'm already booked. I'd be taking time and effort away from other clients. You wouldn't like being treated that way
  • Hairdresser school does not teach about counter transference, projection, negative reinforcement, or personality disorders. If you're looking for a therapist, all I have is a tail comb and an opinion
  • Some women think that if they keep their hair all one length the way it was in high school, everyone will think they're still in high school. Guess what? You're not. As you get older, you need to soften the lines around your face. Layers are the magic remedy
  • Bodies and hair change as hormones change. If your hair is dry, listless, or brittle, or if it's not holding your color or style the way it used to, see a doctor. If your hair isn't over processed, you could be pregnant (surprise!) or menopausal (yes, I can tell)
  • A trim is not "just" a trim. It requires my expertise, skill, knowledge, and time. Would you say to your dentist, "It's just a tooth," or to your doctor, "It's just a leg"?
  • That single bill you stuff into the shampoo person's hands isn't doing her any favors. A dollar bill doesn't buy anything anymore. You should tip her at least $3—more if your hair is long
  • If you want to buy a bottle of color and do your own hair to save a buck, you can live with the consequences
  • Some clients will say, "Cut my hair just like you did last time." That always baffles me. The average time between appointments is six to eight weeks. I have hundreds of clients. How am I supposed to remember exactly how I did your hair the last time? If you want a carbon copy of a cut and style you loved, take a picture and show me
  • Why do you think a child's haircut should cost less than yours? Kids don't sit still. Kids kick. It's an intense experience
  • Standing all day and using scissors and a blow-dryer takes its toll—I have arthritis in my fingers, calcium deposits in my wrist, and 10 percent less hearing than I used to. I am a physical wreck
  • We see women at their worst. Their hair is wet, they have foils on their hair, they have no makeup on. There's nothing for them to hide behind. So they tell us everything. The truth is, I really don't care what they do sexually. I'm only interested in their hair

Here these some pictures that i took from haircut makeover on oprah winfrey show

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


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