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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dreaming Again

Dear there,

Few days last night, i dreamt off u again. Our usual chatted. As i remembered, that night i turned on my laptop to online after received ur sms "I am online".
When i woke, there was no laptop around me even i couldn't find any sms from u.
U seemed haunting me, i wondered there was something bothered u lately. What was all about i am not sure.
Sometimes i questioned much things by myself, why there was many unspoken things kind of wall between us. I had asked u once, but as u said that all won't change anything.
Missing u all heart,

Ryza Febriasty 

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Fonts

Some examples unique fonts which adorable. If u want u can download here
  1. Download the file
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Right click, choose 'instal'
  4. Open your microsoft then on the 'Font Subject' you will find them which u had installed

Ryza Febriasty   : Pea Bake at 350

Ryza Febriasty     : Pea How Sweet Eats

Ryza Febriasty   : Pea I am Baker

Ryza Febriasty : Pea La Fuji Mama

Ryza Febriasty  : Pea Make it and Love It

Ryza Febriasty   : Pea Our Best Bites Doodles

Ryza Febriasty  : Pea Picky Palate

Ryza Febriasty  : Pea Rachael Rossman

Ryza Febriasty : Pea The Lettered Cottage

Ryza Febriasty : Pea Tidy Mom

Ryza Febriasty        : Pea Two Peas and Their Pod

Monday, July 4, 2011

Heart Talking

Someone told me "Crush only lasts for a maximum of 4 months; if it exceeds, then you are already in Love". I thrilled whenever read this, was it true ?.

I love my husband and no doubt at all, seven years journey were not short time but still after married we needed adjusting more. Last June 19, 2011 it was our 1st anniversary. No special celebration, no cake, no gift even we missed the planned for having dinner. We just spent at home as usual until he said "Happy anniversary" and i said "Happy anniversary too". We grinned then laughed. We know there will be many obstacles we should cover and that not easy as the fact.

And then i met him, the one who i called The Dream.
It was afternoon rite in 2008, when i was in office and chatted with my best friend in Office, you know ... girl things ... chit-chat. He just buzzed and greeted. I really have no idea who is he ? and reassure i don't like to talk to strangers even it just in chat. Started from name, ages, nationality, hobbies until religion. What was the funny, after few times we chatted we used to have same thought. So ... what is that ?
Times flies, not count how many i woke up at night just to share many stories with him. He is younger than me. I feel so different, maybe because there are so many similarities we have. More i know him, more i respect him the more i care to him.
I used to imagine asked him to take me, whenever i feel down at least i could get rid for everything bounced me. But the fact i never told him in words. Sometimes, i just stare him on cam then smile even sometimes i cry. I am a kind of wordless person.

Until today, he lives further but that not matter. Because at first time we met, we had been separated by miles and times.

So, what is that ? am i in crush ? if it was, it would have more than 4 months. It already took more than 3 years.
Whatever the path is, what i surely know that his trace always in mind because he had became something for me.

My friends used to say "You had passed sweet and bitter in relationship, u may feel down sometimes but u never let your life going sink"


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