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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Heavy raining outside and time is showing 11 pm. My dream should sleep this late, in few hours later he must go to work.
I am wondering, one day when times make us meet it will be a dream comes true. I could be speechless but I am sure he will help me to talk. I will hug him, I am sure he will understand. My eyes will talk many things and I believe he will know.
I met him in 2008 and now 2016, its mean ... 8 years. We had been too far, only me and him know how that far.
For last 8 years I never change. The first he knows me, it still who I am now. I thought it just happen in movies but it is real happen. I need my dream in my life. As my strength, power, and light. He had taken my heart already at very first time he said : I am taimoor.


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