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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Last February 2016, I went to Medinah and Makkah to performed Umroh as moslem. I had two goals in mind when went there ; prayed for Khansa and myself toward him. I should wrote this long time a go but I just wrote here now. Suddenly I feel my self so much miss to perform sholat in Nabawi mosque and Harom mosque.
At once I stepped inside to Nabawi mosque I just cried because how grateful I was there, how beautiful the mosque was, and how calmed I was. My dream in mind never away that time, so I just read al quran and cried many times. Maybe so many people looked at me and wondered what happened but I just nodded my head andd kept prayed. Whenever I walked myself back to hotel, I looked so many pakistani around me. I juat looked and searched one person who looked a like my dream but I didnt find any. But what was strange many pakistani talked to me in their languages but I didnt I understand and always at end some of them gave me dates fruits and zam zam water for complimentary.
At first time I stepped to Harom mosque, I cried because I will do thawaf which mean I will see ka'bah. So many people around the world but again I just tried to find one person, my dream even I couldn't find him. Again I met so many pakistani there, talked in urdu but I dont understand. Rite in front of multazam  I cried, prayed for khansa and myself and him for good. In that time, his face captured in mind and I smiled in tears.
On back way home I know what I always say and write just right ; wherever I go my dream just there, because he already spaced my heart.


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