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Saturday, March 22, 2014

2.09 am and just finished from baking cookies order, tahajud and read al quran. I was too much paused while reading al quran, i cried. I wont lie, i remained my mother and my dream. Mom ..., what are you doing this late ? i hope you are sleeping rite now, please don't cry again. Your tears really hurting me. Until end my time, i will always be with you ... beside you ... giving you strength. Mom ..., i am sorry until this time i am not giving you happiness yet. There will be always pray for you until end. Lets we through, face and battle all the hard matters together. You are not and never be alone. I never mind becoming a daughter whose the parents were separated. You always be my mother, and him always be my father. No one can't change it. Yes ... i miss everything when we all together in warm and beautiful timing. Let them gather in memories to remain. Be strong mom, i know it never be easy. I love you.

My dream, what are you doing this time ? maybe around 8 to 9 pm there. Maybe you are working or do something else. I wish you are good, i wont be naif ... i am missing you. I used to cry whenever missing you. You are the distant star, you already too far since beginning we meet. When that day come, you said marry ... maybe there won't be me in yours again. You will be a great husband and father. A loving person for your family. Someone will having my man which i love until end. Someone will be so close beside you, feeling the warm, the touch, the love which i adore and longing since the first time see you at Cam. You are perfect. You always be my birthday present which Allah send to me, the moon - star - sun. My dream always be in heart, mind, breath and pulse. I live with the memories what we had. So many nights i dreamed we were together, such a real because i could feel it. You already know how this heart and love. Our love never be wrong, its sincere, pure, honest and real. For later years when you remain me, please remember i am a person who you call 'My Angel' even i never have the wings.


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