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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cultural Festival

Each August 17, we celebrate our independence day and this year in 2009 Indonesia had been 64 years old. In 1945 we conquered our enemy -Japan and Netherlands- that time our president Soekarno and Vice President M. Hatta declared Independence of Indonesia, vanished all slavery and colonization especially from Japan and Netherlands. There are many ways to celebrate our independence from formal ceremonial, games, bazaar, festival and the others. Such as Cultural Festival that held on August 18, 2009 right on National Monument.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cookies For Baazar

Kastengel (Edam Cheese Cookies)

Chocolate Stick

Chocolate Chips

Praline Chocolate

Last Friday to Saturday, i made some cookies :) well ... well, i know Idul Fitri not coming that fast but, my BF asked me to make kastengel, various chocolate stick, dark chocolate chip, and praline chocolate. All those things will put on his bazaar which held on Tuesday this week right on his office. After wrapped it i hope my cookies willl be sold out :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Blog

Well ... finally, after reconsider few things, i had made another blog account on wordpress. Anytime you, reader, have free time please welcome to this link At 1st, i have to learn a lot about this new thing, but more and more i started to kick it :).

And ... the most important thing is "Don't worry, this blogspot still active. I'll post the article like i used to".

Come and look my wordpress.

Note : This official blog on blogspot will always be fresh and so do my blog on wordpress

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Myths But Sometimes Prooven

Grandma's wisdom: Chocolate gives you pimples.
Science says: Not quite. Chocolate bars might trigger an acne flare-up, but if so, the culprit is probably the sugar, milk, and gooey fillings, not the cocoa.

Grandma's wisdom: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Science says: Granny's overstating this fruit's potency. Still, the peel is a good source of quercetin, an important antioxidant that, studies suggest, helps lower blood pressure, fight asthma and allergies, and prevent heart attacks.

Grandma's wisdom: If you go out with wet hair, you'll catch a cold.
Science says: Maybe. Some research indicates (but doesn't prove) that a wet head helps cold viruses take hold, by tightening blood vessels in the nose and making it harder for white blood cells to reach the viruses and fight them off.

Air Conditioning
Grandma's wisdom: Sleeping in air-conditioning can give you a chill.
Science says: She may be onto something. Air conditioners dry out the protective layer of mucus along nasal passages, which likely allows viruses to infect you more easily. Viruses reproduce faster inside a cold nose too.

Grandma's wisdom: Put butter on a burn.
Science says: No. There's no evidence of a benefit from butter.

Grandma's wisdom: Honey speeds healing.
Science says: Yes. Mild to moderate burns (but not other types of wounds) heal faster if you spread honey on them -- maybe because it creates a moist, antibacterial environment that promotes tissue growth.

Grandma's wisdom: Swimming after eating can lead to cramps and drowning.
Science says: Not exactly, but not completely wrong either. After you eat, blood gets shunted to your digestive tract and away from exercising muscles. That can lead to a buildup of lactic acid in your muscles, so swimming a few laps too soon after lunch could cause a sudden (though not fatal) cramp.

Grandma's wisdom: Ginger is good for upset stomachs.
Science says: Yes. Good evidence shows ginger reduces nausea.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

At 1st As Penpal At Last Being Partner In Life

Whenever i read this story, my heart thrilled ... then wondered ... how if that happened to me, what would i do ?. 19 years are really not long period as i know and surely you know also. It is not an issue that love can come into many ways. Love never can't read in logic and can't realize when it starts. I believe people who have faith like this will always tie up til end. Congrat for you two ... and i hope people out there who still be alone keep their big heart that love will find you whatever, whenever, however, and wherever you are.

Jaime Benefit and Jeremy Clayton met as pen pals during the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

It started with a letter - and ended in a wedding.
Nearly two decades ago, 13-year-old Jaime Benefit wrote a letter addressed to "Any Soldier" during the Persian Gulf War, expressing her support for the troops as they prepared to invade Iraq.
The letter made its way to Pfc. Jeremy Clayton, a 19-year-old soldier from Charleston, S.C., who was serving with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment.
The two became pen pals, writing back and forth about sports, high school and their families.
"Just stuff to keep their minds off of what was going on and keep their spirits up," said Benefit, 32.
After the war ended, the two stopped writing, but Benefit always wondered what happened to Clayton.
"I'd always kept his letters," she said. "I had them wrapped in a red-white-and-blue ribbon."
Earlier this year, she searched his name on Facebook and sent him a short note: "Were you in Desert Storm?"
Clayton, 38, now out of the Army, saw the message and had one reaction: "Shock and awe."
"I just knew I had to find out what she was doing," he recalled.
The two agreed to meet in March, and their fate was sealed.
"It took my breath," Clayton said of seeing his one-time pen pal in the flesh. "I was actually shaking and I'm a pretty strong man. I just said to myself, 'You have to do whatever you can to make sure you spend the rest of your life with this woman.'"
Clayton proposed not long after, and the two got married July 15 in a simple ceremony on the beach in Charleston.
"It was fate that I got her letter," he said. "And her finding me 19 years later was fate."
The Internet may have brought the newlyweds together, but they still rely on good old pen and paper to keep their bond strong.
"She writes me notes every morning and puts them in my lunch," he said.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

All You Need for Your Eyebrows

I'm absolutely agree with this. What are things can make your face different and make over ? 1st : your cut and stylish new hair, 2nd : your new color hair, and 3rd but not the last : your eyebrows shape. Put beside about make up ... everybody knows ... very know make up can trick you to be a beautiful one. But the three things i wrote before was true. Whenever you change your hair and color it you will be a different person so do the the eyebrow shape. This one really can bring something BIG DIFFERENT on your face even your personality. Here these some pictures as proof and can be inspiration for you ... especially for girls :).

Note : I compiled these pictures by using paint.net


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