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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wall Shelf

Finally, i did it. I bought this wall shelf last week on Ace Hardware, i didn't know when i would work on it. I took almost a week to put this shelf. I became Bob Builder. Yesterday, i made this finish. I told to my daughter, Khansa "Look, what Bunda did on your room. Do you like it ?" well ... she just smiled "Wow ... so nice" then i hug her "I did as like Bob Builder rite ?" she just nod and back to run and jump everywhere.

From the right. The bear ; the bear can talk and sing whenever press the feet, tummy, hands and face. The bear, again ; i took this from my collection bear at my mother house, this bear already with me as long in maternity operation and back bone injection last month, besides me all the time on operation bed. The angry birds ; i am not a fan of angry bird but with Khansa we collected the stamp from Carrefour until we got two angry bird dolls. The bear with flower ; it was from him, my dream, always kiss the eyes in missing him, hug and hold the bear when can't sleep and sick, wonder i sleep in his hug. The bear with 'with love' caption ; it was from him, my dream, always kiss the eyes in missing him, the last bear which i have from him, sometimes smile and cry look it. Words never enough to tell what feel inside, i live with the memories, the trace which left, in missing him i can smile and cry in same time on remain beautiful moment. 


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