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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Words

I open the letter and start to read it.

"if u only know, rest of night I wonder how does it feel to hold your hands ? how does the warm in your hold ? how does the sweet when you smile and caress my face ? how does the tender your whisper and say that you love me.
I wonder if the air I breath, the sun is shines and the stars light at night which I seen will be the same which you see. So ... how the fate can't find ?.
Don't need to turn back the time, it is no longer necessary. I just need a night to dream on you.
I never try to trust and believe you because I am afraid those all will be fade later on. But I always try to see you in real.
When ages come, when you and I remain alone would you just one ask me to be yours. I won't ruin everything which had been chosen just let it step"

I fold that letter and keep it in wooden box. I look the mirror and see the tears. Not because the gray hair and wrinkle skin I have, but because that time never come. What had left just the trace ... Mine and Yours. I wishper 'good night ... just meet in dream'

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Khansa Amaira

Born was October 3, 2011
Time on 8:15 AM
Gender Girl
Weight 2.700 gram
Length 49 cm
Maternity by caesar operation
Hospital in Harapan Kita For Mother and Children
Doctor obgyn was Dr. Gatot Abdurrazak from Harapan Kita Hospital and Asih Hospital
Doctor Hematology was Dr. Noorwati from Dharmais Center of Cancer Hospital


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