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Sunday, December 24, 2017

What is he doing right now ? 10 pm indonesia time so it could be that 4 hours ahead there. I am missing my dream, does he miss me like i feel ? I am missing the time we have had. The time passed by. I still cant believe i still stay same after all we had been through. The time he is gone. My dream ... i am missing you.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Gloomy morning, dark, rain and cold. Picturing what i feel this morning. Missing my dream, missing the times which passed by. It wont repeat but always beautiful to remember. He is someone whom i never meet but he is someone whose in heart.

Monday, November 20, 2017

He is walking closer then hug me softly. My daughter is coloring her drawing without ignore his presence. My son is sleeping in his stroller tightly. The wind is breezing, the sun is coming slowly to its place. I am smiling to him, holding his hands. He patiently heard my talk. Return i see him smile. I caress his hairs and hug him tightly. Whispering to his ear, "i'll miss you" he looked my eyes deeply. "Dont worry, go then my dream" i see him in tears "dont worry my dream, i dont go anywhere". His smile is lighting the sky.
I wake up, his face coloring my awaked. I just dreaming of my dream tonight.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I stare his face which look tired and sleepless. Somehow want to caress his hair but afraid to wake him up. "I love you" i smiled to him even in his sleeping. He suddenly awake and i just bite my lips. "I wake you up" slowly caressed his hairs. "I love my angel too" he said softly and close his eyes again. I wait few minutes until he really sleep then i whisper "you always be my dream in my heart. Good night ... " slowly i fall asleep and hiding in his chest. So warm ... and time flies.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I suddenly awaked. He always the person in mind whenever wake up and before sleep. I am missing him, my dream. What can i do ? thousand miles away, condition and time which can't tolerate. One dream of him is enough for me. Good night my dream.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Is late night, i still turn my body left to right again ... again ... and again. I see him sleep so tight, tired and sleepless. I am closer to his back, feeling his warmth body. I feel comfy and these eyes slowly closed. "My angel" suddenly his voice thrill me. "Hmmm" i said while my eyes still closing. "Not sleep yet ?" He turned his body toward me. My eyes still closing in beetween sleep and awake. "Trying" i said as it as i could. He pulls my body inside his chest then hugs me across his hands cover me "Sleep then" he whisper in my ears. i cant count 1 to 3 to finish. Before that i alreadg sleep as baby new born as tight in his holding.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Universe seems stop rounding. I meet those eyes, brown and hazel. My lips smile regarding his smile toward me. "My dream" i whispered. He caress my face softly through the tears slowly running in corner my eyes "Yes, i am here" he slowly closer and hug me in his holding "i am sorry .. Taking so long ... For this moment" he whispered. I smile "Because you know i will stay still, dont you ?". Our eyes meet again, the wind blowing as dancing between us. "I am no longer young anymore" i said in a shame, he smirks and say "My angel never stop to be beautiful in times". His smiles prolong into my heart which i adore in years, his eyes through my soul which i wonder in years, his voices are sounding in my humming in years, his touches are bringing me alive in my longing. He is the one ... My dream.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

You asked me what i dreamed about you ? It was the same dream which i had for years amd years. I was in your hug, sleeping thight as like as a baby new born. Hearing your pulse, your breath, smelling your bidy and feeling your warm. And i just opened my eyes in tears then back to sleep again. What should i say then ... I think ... Nothing. Good night my dream. Missing you badly.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bussy month in february. Not only had ordered for savory snacks almost each week but also cakes and cupcakes birthday ordered. I just sleep just for two hours lately. Haaaa ####!!!!!!#### feel like an alien. As if my dream besides me right now i will ask him to massage my head until i fall asleep. Then when i wake up suddenly, i will ask him so same again amd again until maybe he feels grumpy. Hug, i just realize it is valentine day. I never celebrate it. Few years a go he sent me red flowers bouquet. I still keep the box and the dry flowers inside its. I could smile and cry ar same time remain all those moments especially when he was in UK before he left me for almost 3 years ago. Hug, good night my dream. Missing you badly.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Are you happy ?" My dream asked me
"Seems i dont know what meaning of happy is" I answered
"What happen ?" He asked me again
"Nothing ... Is fine .. I just dont have 'me time' " i said

My happiness is with him. When he besides me, everything is enough. Want to hold your hands around my fingers, want to hug you, i really dont have much words. But i believe you realize how my heart is for you. Good night my dream, missing you so much, missing you more than you imagine.


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