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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My dream called me this morning. I didnt recognize the number, but it was him. I heard his voice, his laugh, it just made me missing him more. Tried not to cry, even at last when the call ended ... I caressed my eyes ... before the tears went down. Tears of relieve ... I had waited him that long. Year turn into other years. I just here, waiting for some thing which I dont know either. Cried almost each night wonder is he alive or die.
When the ages in between us, still he be my dream ? When the forgotton symptoms in old come, still he remain me ? When the internet change in future, how we still in touch ? How if ... he is gone as ghost one day, what would I tell my heart ?
What I know at first, now and later my dream is half of me. If just reincarnation is real I never mind giving this life to him. Good night my dream.
I read carefully his email to know that he had married. I dont have to worry at least, there is someone who will take care his needs. I believe she will do the good for my dream. I am sure, inshaallah soon he will have a beautiful baby. And I am so believe he will be a good father and husband.

My health, what should I say to him. Until today, whenever I sick or pain I still vow his name until I got sleep. When Allah takes me first than my dream, dont worry ... I will always be besides him from a far. Will be a true angel for him from above.

I dont have much words, I believe he knows I just stay same. He can read me, even I am not talking. So I am sure he knows how my heart is. He is in my pulse. Good night my dream.


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