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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Dear Daughter, Khansa Amaira

Rite now, Bunda still on seat even lunch time just start. Looking your picture and watching your video. Bunda is missing and loving you so much, the only one reason which i stand for everything. For nine months you are with me, inside me. Feeling your move, wondering you look, and dreaming you beside me all the night. No matter what i have been through, the treatment and medication still the pain which i continue until today, those are worth it whenever i see you smile at me.

Only in few days exactly on June 3 you will be 8 months. Praying that i can see how you grow up each day. Can't wait hear you say "Bunda, khansa loves you", can't wait you hug me, can't wait to spend times and many things with you. 




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