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Sunday, September 27, 2009

C for Cookies

There are some cookies which i made for orders, the taste ... really can't say in words :)
Snow Cookies (each cookies mixed with roasted mede peanuts and wrapped with caster sugar which taste cold and icy whenever u bite it)
Stick Cheese Cookies (each cookie, contain rich edam cheese with cheddar cheese on top)
Canary Cookies (100% butter, melt in mouth with canary and sugar on top)
Pineapple Cookies (each cookie has sweet and juicy pineapple on the centre with cheddar cheese on top)
Chocolate Cookies (100% cocoa powder and bit choco pasta, met in mouth and choco chips on top)

My Passion For Blogginf Just Back

What a lovely morning, i woke in beautiful Sunday morning with strong blogging passion. I have been waited this moment since long. there must be disturbed thing whenever i want to post my written here. But now this morning, seems all the disturbing things are put away for a moment :). I will start my passion to put my song of the day, please note ... lately i like to put a song which i called favorite song of the day :), i think Korean wave had been wind me from few years back, the 1st Korean drama i ever seen is Goong, The Palace. Started from that drama i was already fall in love with hallyu (Korean actors and artists) and Korean wave. Today, the lately Korean drama I'm watching is My Fair Lady, Please Take Care My Lady.
Good morning Ryza ..., please enjoy your last holiday.

Song of the day [embeed&download]


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