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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear blog,

This afternoon I went to hospital to meet my obgyn doctor. Okay, the operation will be on Monday on Oct 3 2011 so I have to start entering room on Saturday afternoon. Well ... I had done what I can do so the rest I'll let God creates my destiny.

The baby gain today is 2.700 gram I am enough bless with it. Meaning the injection run well so far. Forget the pain which I feel even after maternity I still have the injection. Well, I'm becoming use with it, with the pain I mean.

Dear khansa, in few days later we will meet. Preaparation almost done the last buat not least pray is always be the best.

Love you, ur mother

Ryza Febriasty

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dearly blog,

This morning I went to Dharmais Hospital to meet Dr. Noorwati as Hematology to consul about DDimer test. Dharmais hospital is a the biggest national cancer hospital center in Jakarta, Indonesia. Let me explain first about DDimer test. Just wonder about a road whrere there are many cars bring many loads to the pabric. Cuz of the some problems such as crowded, bad asphalt and so on the load to pabric got late. So it was same with my body. The road refers to my antibody, the car refers to my blood and the load refers to the food and the pabric refers to the baby. Anytime ... Can be happen accident right so do with the baby so my obgyn doctor suggested to take maternity opearation before the baby enter to 38 weeks. The day has been settled which is Friday on 30 September 2011.

To lessen the problem I have to take injection twice a day, please don't ask about the pain. The feel was so .... hurt. But is not matter as long as the baby just fine with it. Twice a day for injection  is really above my imagination.

I feel so thank that my husband is right there for me and the baby. He feel sorry whenever see me suffer in pain. Once again is fine as long as the baby is safe.

A mother will do anything to her daughter and son. So do me. I know the operation will make me more pain later but it just fine as long as I will see how beautiful my daughter later. Khansa Amaira will be my future's daughter name. Some in the Internet said that khansaa mean a woman Moslem warrior yes, she is cuz she had been fight for herself to have an effort to life. She is so brave face it so do me as a mother to take all effort.

My dear daughter, i really hope, pray and wish that we meet soon. Mommy really want to see your smile, want to hear your cry, want to touch your softly skin. I dearly cry when I am writing this cuz I really won't to loose you. You are the best I ever had, the best and the most the beautiful gift for me.

No one who surrounding me know exactly what I feel. Only God and me know what I feel.

See you soon my baby, here mommy waits you. All the pray for you.

Love you so much,

Your mother Ryza Febriasty

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear there,

Last night i dreamed about you. It was so funny, i woke up and smiled about it.
I took the same university where you took in, we were in same class even took the same subject. All day u just bothered me how to complete ur assignment even u asked me to teach u which i didn't understand either. How come ? but i help out ur study.
I made some food so we could eat together sometimes, even we went to some places just for walking around. All i remembered, we spent much time together.

When we miss someone, usually that person appears in dream in vary stories.

Take care there,

Ryza Febriasty


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