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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Japan Origami

What a beautiful folding art from Japan which call 'Origami'. Here these some origami's that i made at office this afternoon.


Have you ever feel your tears ready to burst, but you keep ?
Want to share your pain, but no place
Aim to talk, but can't find the listener
Have to say, but miss the words
What you need exactly not in front of you
Which you want just hard to get

Thinking about isolated place to step
Where no one can't recognize
Just a place to remove all the sickness
Poorly, not even once have brave

If just, have stronger control
It would be different
From which the day start in

Come, whenever there is a chance
Stay, while your heart whispered
But choose what is good

Friday, June 17, 2011

Call Me Teddy

Good Evening, please u can call me Teddy. I am a boy bear who belong to ryza's collection. I am new here. But, all i know she is kind to me. She just bought me a new brown jumper corduroy jeans. So lovely outfit. I am not meet yet her others bears collection. But she had told me there are many in her room.  This evening, she takes me to her table office.  

It is the paper handbag which my brown jumper corduroy jeans in it

The store which place in Sun Plaza on level 3 #B-21, Mall Ciputra Seraya 2nd floor #25 and Senayan City 4th floor #111

Look i am cool right, with new outfit off course

Want to see my nose he3x ... (hei ... thank u Ryza !)

Teddy House Brand rite on my purse

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tada ...

Dear Friend,

Tada ....
Look, there is a magic here. I am beside u now. But, all i see just ur moody and sad face. U always lower your head, nod to ground seems look wherever ur feet walk. U just stare at me without any words, i know how hard to believe and i know how difficult to understand. Touch your finger and smile then hold it "Don't be like that". Hug u sincerely, close my eyes trying hard to feel what u feel.

Tada ...
Look, i bring u to a place where there is only tree, river, mountain. Is it enough to comfort u ? But all i see, just ur sorrow. What else i could do for u ? U lay on my shoulder, talk everything. At once i nod showing that i listen all. Until u sleep there.

Tada ...
The alarm ringing, the sun shines between my curtain. Already morning. Opening my eyes "It just a dream" i am smiling. My eyes bring me to the shooter sun.

Even just one, can it be true someday ? take care there.

Ryza Febriasty

Monday, June 6, 2011


Funny when you stop and think, Time goes faster than you blink, Nothing’s ever like it was, Girl we’ve got a special thing, Your the happiness it brings, Is more than enough, I know it’s hard to believe, Your still the biggest part of me, All I’m living for.
It’s hard to breathe when we’re apart, You’re that sunshine in my heart, I keep you here inside, You’ve been everything to me, You’ve been and always will be, The apple of my eye, And I know it’s hard to believe, Your still the biggest part of me, All I’m living for.

I still think about you, I still dream about you, I still want you and need you by my side, I’m still mad about you, All I ever wanted was you, Your still the one, your still the one.

If you love me, look into my eyes and say you do, I’ve been waiting all my life for someone just like you, Baby after all we’ve been through.
Girl I’m still in love with you, And I want you to know, I do, I do.

Song from Bryan Mcknight, love ... love ... the song

Saturday, June 4, 2011

You Are Still The One

7 Years Old Boy And Girl
"Why r u asking me to play this gross game ?" the boy asked "It is not gross. Yesterday, my mom took me to wedding invitation. I saw beautiful groom and bride with white dress. I want to be like that someday. So ... stop complaining ... you should stay behind me as the fake groom"

10 Years Old Boy And Girl
"Why do you ask me to go to birthday party ? i don't like ur friend ... she is a nerd in my class" the boy said. "Stop it, she is not a nerd as u think. She is my best friend, so do u. We can be a great friends till end"

12 Years Old Boy And Girl
"Where do u will continue ur junior high ? can i come with u ?" the girl asked. "No ... just take another school. I am good with my basket ball team in my chosen school" the boy shrink.

13 Years Old Boy And Girl
"Please help me to do my homework" The boy pleased on the phone "No way ... u can ask ur friends, but not me. I have to go on my music course" The girl put off the phone

15 Years Old Boy And Girl
"Why u not choose one of ur class mate to the prom ?" The boy asked. "I wont, i don't believe them so do my mom. So u r the only solution which i have" The girl stares him with sincere.

16 Years Old Boy And Girl
"I had applied the same senior high school as u did. R u mind ?" The boy asked. "No, not at all. While ... you will busy with some girls later. And please ... stop flirting to many girls. It is suck ... u know that" The girl leave him alone on the ice cream store.

18 Years Old Boy and Girl
"I don't know what should i do ? should i take his offer to having dinner with him ?" Asked the girl. "No way ... he is a jerk. All his want only playing you". Answered The boy "What ... how dare saying like that. Stop talking with me!"

21 Years Old Boy and Girl
"I want u take care my the only one daughter, i trust u Son " The father of the girl shakes his hand. "I'll try my best. As long as she is not as stubborn as i know" The boy shrink. "Dad ... stop it. And u stop it ... he is not my boyfriend even my big brother ... I am okay in this dorm university"

22 Years Old Boy and Girl
"Is it ur girlfriend ?" The girl asked then the boy nod. "Tell her, i wont take u anywhere. I hate the way she looked. Stop being jealous, we are nothing"

23 Years Old Boy and Girl
"Once u make her cry ... once u will face me Okay !" The boy talked to The girls' boyfriend. "Watch ur mouth. U r nothing to her. Should i remember u where ur place before ?" The girls' boyfriend sharpen the stare.

25 Years Old Boy and Girl
The girl went go to the boy's apartment. Knocked the door "What happen to u ? u r so awful" The boy asked. The girl just hug him tightly and cry "My heart pain, we broke up. He got engage with her mother chosen girl"

27 Years Old Boy and Girl
"Thank u for the treat, why u don't take her. It is ur birthday" The girl dress beautifully "We just broke yesterday. She had found another and confessed it to me" The boy smiles and lowering his head. "I am sorry ... u can count on me as ur sharing place. Thats the friends are for right ?" the girl smile tenderly.

28 Years Old Boy and Girl
"Good bye ... take care okay. Please keep an eye to my parents, i am counting u" The girl hug the boy tightly. "I will, whenever u arrive, call me okay. I'll wait ... ur call ... i mean. Be success in ur promotion Okay" The boy smiles. The person in front of him, will fly thousand miles away from him. "Being good ... in future Okay"

30 Year Old Boy and Girl
"Why u don't tell me that u will come ?" The girl surprised whenever he found The boy already in front of apartment "Surprise cuz ... it is ur birthday. Meanwhile i bring many gifts from ur parents" The boy smiles. "And ur gift ... for me ?" her eyes sparkling as like as an ice. The boy takes the gift, "I can only give this" He takes the ring and put on her sweet finger "Just be mine. From now, then and later" The boy caressed the girl face, she cried. "At seven i had told u to be my fake groom on my backyard home, now you are here ... as my future groom in front of my door" The girl smiled. "We are too fool to realize that we had been tied into one from seven till end" he kissed her gently. "Love u" Said The boy "Love u" Replied The girl.


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