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Friday, June 17, 2011

Call Me Teddy

Good Evening, please u can call me Teddy. I am a boy bear who belong to ryza's collection. I am new here. But, all i know she is kind to me. She just bought me a new brown jumper corduroy jeans. So lovely outfit. I am not meet yet her others bears collection. But she had told me there are many in her room.  This evening, she takes me to her table office.  

It is the paper handbag which my brown jumper corduroy jeans in it

The store which place in Sun Plaza on level 3 #B-21, Mall Ciputra Seraya 2nd floor #25 and Senayan City 4th floor #111

Look i am cool right, with new outfit off course

Want to see my nose he3x ... (hei ... thank u Ryza !)

Teddy House Brand rite on my purse


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