'New Post on August 5, 2014'

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4.18 am and just finished baking cookies for order. If i have to sleep rite now, maybe i never wake up again at 5 am. So i consider to write here than sleep. 

This noon, i was tidy up my daughter room. I stared to red box which before it was valentine gift from my dream. Dozen red roses directly to my seat at the office. Everyone stared at me that time and seriously i surprised. I smiled and really i dripped the tears at same time. Why roses, why not you just come in front of me. I am formally not celebrate valentine day. For me, for my love one is always be valentine day. I touched the box. So remembered how looked the roses ; red, big, dozen, the ribbon and the card which wrote "I love you so much". So remembered i called The Petals to make sure who sent this roses. It was from you. No name for sure but i just know it was from you. Sent text to him informed that i already received the roses, he just said "Would you be my valentine, for today and the other next years ?", i just said "I do my dream" He never know that i cried that time. After i know the other valentine gift came to me. The pearls from Marks&Spencer. The necklace and the earrings. I am not yet wear them until today. I keep them in box. I just touch, remain and all the beautiful memories come.

Kissed the bears and caressed its eyes, "You gave me so many memories to remain, when i am no longer to stand for alive everything is just with me" realized how the tears just run down slowly. My dream is perfect for me.  


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