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Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear there,

Again I miss you. But not once come out even on words by talk or write directly. I just afraid it will hurt more.
Waiting the email reply, the text not counting greeting even just chat.
Again not even once I told you. Everything is different. I can feel sad, anger and dissapointed much in you. But I am trying hard to get over it when I am with you.
I am so sorry still around you but I can't hinder it for many times I try. Everything just back at beginning where I place myself into you.

The big questions are ? Why you have to go for her ? then why you never do that at me ? why you sacrificed much for her ? why all the plan you had settled before just ruin quickly ?. And ... for me ... why i still be here as home for you ?

I realize I am so ... much ... care that's why I can't go anywhere. How you look ? How you real ? at first time u had made that decision is not necessary for me anymore. Whether you are real or dream just same for me.

Starting to sleep who I remain ? When wake up who I remember ? why the person still same for last 3 years ?

I miss your smile when there is no burden bear you. I don't know when will I see that again ?

Just ... Be fine there.

Ryza Febriasty

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear There,

I just miss you. What these all about ? Dear lord, just give me any sign or any clue that is not right. But give me strength if this just fine.

I do believe what the true is. Hard to see, hard to understand but as mild like the butter.

If just ... I was not here, it would be different.

Hoping everything just fine there.

Ryza Febriasty

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November Rain

I always remember the song which Jon Bon Jovi sung about Nobember Rain. It always being breeze, calm and lightly in raining. The smell of the soil and sometimes smell of the leaf.
Today it more different, I rarely find the breeze in raining. Even I always wait this moment. Everything has change. The condition and situation itself. Deep in my heart I miss everything which passed 1 to 2 years back. When I went home late after work, stuck in crowded and sometimes waited long in quee transjakarta line. I miss that moment. Honestly, I miss being single where I don't need caring 2 big families. Where I don't need to share my time each other. All the time just me and my home.
Being married is beyond my life plan, I just didn't know what make me went through to marry that time. Afterwards I enjoy my life being single and I bet I never sorry if today I still single and live with my lovely familiy.
Right now i'm sitting rite in my room. Where I used to sleep before. I won't leave this moment. I still want to be here, I still want to lie and feel the breeze wind through my wooden glass window. I want stay awake just now.
Dear blog, I never afraid being old. But I always afraid I would loose everything I have at back.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Words

I open the letter and start to read it.

"if u only know, rest of night I wonder how does it feel to hold your hands ? how does the warm in your hold ? how does the sweet when you smile and caress my face ? how does the tender your whisper and say that you love me.
I wonder if the air I breath, the sun is shines and the stars light at night which I seen will be the same which you see. So ... how the fate can't find ?.
Don't need to turn back the time, it is no longer necessary. I just need a night to dream on you.
I never try to trust and believe you because I am afraid those all will be fade later on. But I always try to see you in real.
When ages come, when you and I remain alone would you just one ask me to be yours. I won't ruin everything which had been chosen just let it step"

I fold that letter and keep it in wooden box. I look the mirror and see the tears. Not because the gray hair and wrinkle skin I have, but because that time never come. What had left just the trace ... Mine and Yours. I wishper 'good night ... just meet in dream'

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Khansa Amaira

Born was October 3, 2011
Time on 8:15 AM
Gender Girl
Weight 2.700 gram
Length 49 cm
Maternity by caesar operation
Hospital in Harapan Kita For Mother and Children
Doctor obgyn was Dr. Gatot Abdurrazak from Harapan Kita Hospital and Asih Hospital
Doctor Hematology was Dr. Noorwati from Dharmais Center of Cancer Hospital

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear blog,

This afternoon I went to hospital to meet my obgyn doctor. Okay, the operation will be on Monday on Oct 3 2011 so I have to start entering room on Saturday afternoon. Well ... I had done what I can do so the rest I'll let God creates my destiny.

The baby gain today is 2.700 gram I am enough bless with it. Meaning the injection run well so far. Forget the pain which I feel even after maternity I still have the injection. Well, I'm becoming use with it, with the pain I mean.

Dear khansa, in few days later we will meet. Preaparation almost done the last buat not least pray is always be the best.

Love you, ur mother

Ryza Febriasty

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dearly blog,

This morning I went to Dharmais Hospital to meet Dr. Noorwati as Hematology to consul about DDimer test. Dharmais hospital is a the biggest national cancer hospital center in Jakarta, Indonesia. Let me explain first about DDimer test. Just wonder about a road whrere there are many cars bring many loads to the pabric. Cuz of the some problems such as crowded, bad asphalt and so on the load to pabric got late. So it was same with my body. The road refers to my antibody, the car refers to my blood and the load refers to the food and the pabric refers to the baby. Anytime ... Can be happen accident right so do with the baby so my obgyn doctor suggested to take maternity opearation before the baby enter to 38 weeks. The day has been settled which is Friday on 30 September 2011.

To lessen the problem I have to take injection twice a day, please don't ask about the pain. The feel was so .... hurt. But is not matter as long as the baby just fine with it. Twice a day for injection  is really above my imagination.

I feel so thank that my husband is right there for me and the baby. He feel sorry whenever see me suffer in pain. Once again is fine as long as the baby is safe.

A mother will do anything to her daughter and son. So do me. I know the operation will make me more pain later but it just fine as long as I will see how beautiful my daughter later. Khansa Amaira will be my future's daughter name. Some in the Internet said that khansaa mean a woman Moslem warrior yes, she is cuz she had been fight for herself to have an effort to life. She is so brave face it so do me as a mother to take all effort.

My dear daughter, i really hope, pray and wish that we meet soon. Mommy really want to see your smile, want to hear your cry, want to touch your softly skin. I dearly cry when I am writing this cuz I really won't to loose you. You are the best I ever had, the best and the most the beautiful gift for me.

No one who surrounding me know exactly what I feel. Only God and me know what I feel.

See you soon my baby, here mommy waits you. All the pray for you.

Love you so much,

Your mother Ryza Febriasty

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear there,

Last night i dreamed about you. It was so funny, i woke up and smiled about it.
I took the same university where you took in, we were in same class even took the same subject. All day u just bothered me how to complete ur assignment even u asked me to teach u which i didn't understand either. How come ? but i help out ur study.
I made some food so we could eat together sometimes, even we went to some places just for walking around. All i remembered, we spent much time together.

When we miss someone, usually that person appears in dream in vary stories.

Take care there,

Ryza Febriasty

Thursday, August 25, 2011

For A Day

I never wonder this woman can change me forever. Her name is Amelie, she late 35 years old and still look stunning. She married with famous senate, Bill Jobs. 
That time was long night for me with no obvious date and girl this time. I feel enjoy having some girl friends then  trap to one girl. I am surely don't like long and boring relationship. I surely like uncomplicated and undemanding girl. My name is Randall Pinkett, 27 years old, gorgeous, stable and attractive.
Sands Restaurant is high and recommended place in this town. This place quite average with formal restaurant as usual. There was only one thing which fading my sight, Amalie. I remembered, that night she wore dark purple gown with natural make up and slightly amazing. From her appearance she was a mature enough, sounds good because i like mature, stable and independent woman as like her. She sit alone seemed waiting someone in that table. Once she looked her phone and again then again looked around her. I waited who is the lucky one made her wait that long.
Almost an hour, i didn't see any man came forward to her. So, what should i waited for to see her closer ?. "Good night, is the table fill in ?" average greeting "Yes, it was but no longer" she feel bothered and i knew it. "Randall Pinkett, new comer in this city", "So ... ?" she smiled "Amelie" we shake hand and that the start i knew her. 
"Is it boring journey as you think rite ? accompany a husband to city around, country around just for popularity then grading the level in society" she laughed. "Not at all, many woman want to sacrifice as u do right now" I analyzed her more. "For me i just enough with it. I want at home with two or three kids around me. Don't have to wear and pose as a fake" she just outspoken but that was true anyway no one in this world can suffer in fake in long time. "Okay, what will u do tomorrow ?" i asked her. "Uhm, formal breakfast with some my husband's associates after that still no plan". "Come with me, tomorrow will be the last day in this city. My flight will be at 3 PM so i will have much time to looking around. How that sounds ?" asking girl out is just simply thing for me. She stands from sit that time i thinks she feels annoying "Here this my card, just call me then. I have to go, the driver just come". Not smile even say thank you at all. All i did just received her card and let her go. 

The day after i come to Lonelines and enjoy short trip with her. We go to traditional market to art gallery. She is adorable, just know how to make me pleasure in this trip. I come from good family and i delight with it, but not with her. She is an orphan who live in orphanage until high school then get scholarship in architect major. She had been married for 7 years and still no kid. I think her husband has taken everything from her, he asks her to stop working, her society so that her true self. "Can i contact you after this day ? i mean ... you know ... your husband ?" i grinned at her. "Maybe, so ... why not ?" she answered and smiled. My heart races whenever see her smile. It just complete our trip.

A year flies. She becomes a good friend of me, complain whenever i go date with wrong girl and remind me how to stop playing with them. Believe me, i change by time. One day she shares my by mail that her husband cheat with a younger woman. I just can't believe how come ? more later she says that her husband need another woman who can give him a kid. 
I book a ticket to come to her city just to meet her. I feel so annoying with her mail. She looks so desperate and lost. She waits me at the airport. She looks so skinny than the last time i meet her. "Thank you for coming" she smiled but not me. I feel so angry to see her like this. "What just happen at you ? you just like a dumb" i poured my anger when see her like this. "You are not helping at all, really" she put off her glasses and i see dark circle under her eyes. Her eyes just like panda. She walk away to leave me "I am sorry i don't mean it" suddenly she hugs me tight "I am so tired Ran, whole. Body and soul" it is the first time i see her cry like a baby, remind me to my nephew who ages 3. 

to be continued

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Only Be

Feel sorry whenever write this
Feel wrong to put each word in it,

Why you never ask me to leave
Why you never ask me to stop
Why you never ask me to forget
Each word, each sentence and each memory which could bring out

The more to stay the more scars left
The more to keep the more bind in between
The more ... just kind hurting

If there is one day, 
Which can give you the heart
When morning come and awake 
Don't need to worry
Because there is still life inside

There is time 
Heart aches with a hunger and the want 
That you were mine

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'll Only Believe

I've seen this place a thousand times
I've felt this all before
And every time you call
I've waited there as though you might not call at all

I know this face I'm wearing now
I've seen this in my eyes
And though it feels so great, I'm still afraid
That you'll be leaving anytime

We've done this once and then you closed the door
Don't let me fall again for nothing more

Don't say you love me unless forever
Don't tell me you need me, if you're not gonna stay
Don't give me this feeling, I'll only believe it
Make it real or take it all away

I've caught myself smiling alone
Just thinking of your voice
And dreaming of your touch, is all too much
You know I don't have any choice

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dreaming Again

Dear there,

Few days last night, i dreamt off u again. Our usual chatted. As i remembered, that night i turned on my laptop to online after received ur sms "I am online".
When i woke, there was no laptop around me even i couldn't find any sms from u.
U seemed haunting me, i wondered there was something bothered u lately. What was all about i am not sure.
Sometimes i questioned much things by myself, why there was many unspoken things kind of wall between us. I had asked u once, but as u said that all won't change anything.
Missing u all heart,

Ryza Febriasty 

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Fonts

Some examples unique fonts which adorable. If u want u can download here
  1. Download the file
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Right click, choose 'instal'
  4. Open your microsoft then on the 'Font Subject' you will find them which u had installed

Ryza Febriasty   : Pea Bake at 350

Ryza Febriasty     : Pea How Sweet Eats

Ryza Febriasty   : Pea I am Baker

Ryza Febriasty : Pea La Fuji Mama

Ryza Febriasty  : Pea Make it and Love It

Ryza Febriasty   : Pea Our Best Bites Doodles

Ryza Febriasty  : Pea Picky Palate

Ryza Febriasty  : Pea Rachael Rossman

Ryza Febriasty : Pea The Lettered Cottage

Ryza Febriasty : Pea Tidy Mom

Ryza Febriasty        : Pea Two Peas and Their Pod

Monday, July 4, 2011

Heart Talking

Someone told me "Crush only lasts for a maximum of 4 months; if it exceeds, then you are already in Love". I thrilled whenever read this, was it true ?.

I love my husband and no doubt at all, seven years journey were not short time but still after married we needed adjusting more. Last June 19, 2011 it was our 1st anniversary. No special celebration, no cake, no gift even we missed the planned for having dinner. We just spent at home as usual until he said "Happy anniversary" and i said "Happy anniversary too". We grinned then laughed. We know there will be many obstacles we should cover and that not easy as the fact.

And then i met him, the one who i called The Dream.
It was afternoon rite in 2008, when i was in office and chatted with my best friend in Office, you know ... girl things ... chit-chat. He just buzzed and greeted. I really have no idea who is he ? and reassure i don't like to talk to strangers even it just in chat. Started from name, ages, nationality, hobbies until religion. What was the funny, after few times we chatted we used to have same thought. So ... what is that ?
Times flies, not count how many i woke up at night just to share many stories with him. He is younger than me. I feel so different, maybe because there are so many similarities we have. More i know him, more i respect him the more i care to him.
I used to imagine asked him to take me, whenever i feel down at least i could get rid for everything bounced me. But the fact i never told him in words. Sometimes, i just stare him on cam then smile even sometimes i cry. I am a kind of wordless person.

Until today, he lives further but that not matter. Because at first time we met, we had been separated by miles and times.

So, what is that ? am i in crush ? if it was, it would have more than 4 months. It already took more than 3 years.
Whatever the path is, what i surely know that his trace always in mind because he had became something for me.

My friends used to say "You had passed sweet and bitter in relationship, u may feel down sometimes but u never let your life going sink"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Japan Origami

What a beautiful folding art from Japan which call 'Origami'. Here these some origami's that i made at office this afternoon.


Have you ever feel your tears ready to burst, but you keep ?
Want to share your pain, but no place
Aim to talk, but can't find the listener
Have to say, but miss the words
What you need exactly not in front of you
Which you want just hard to get

Thinking about isolated place to step
Where no one can't recognize
Just a place to remove all the sickness
Poorly, not even once have brave

If just, have stronger control
It would be different
From which the day start in

Come, whenever there is a chance
Stay, while your heart whispered
But choose what is good

Friday, June 17, 2011

Call Me Teddy

Good Evening, please u can call me Teddy. I am a boy bear who belong to ryza's collection. I am new here. But, all i know she is kind to me. She just bought me a new brown jumper corduroy jeans. So lovely outfit. I am not meet yet her others bears collection. But she had told me there are many in her room.  This evening, she takes me to her table office.  

It is the paper handbag which my brown jumper corduroy jeans in it

The store which place in Sun Plaza on level 3 #B-21, Mall Ciputra Seraya 2nd floor #25 and Senayan City 4th floor #111

Look i am cool right, with new outfit off course

Want to see my nose he3x ... (hei ... thank u Ryza !)

Teddy House Brand rite on my purse

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tada ...

Dear Friend,

Tada ....
Look, there is a magic here. I am beside u now. But, all i see just ur moody and sad face. U always lower your head, nod to ground seems look wherever ur feet walk. U just stare at me without any words, i know how hard to believe and i know how difficult to understand. Touch your finger and smile then hold it "Don't be like that". Hug u sincerely, close my eyes trying hard to feel what u feel.

Tada ...
Look, i bring u to a place where there is only tree, river, mountain. Is it enough to comfort u ? But all i see, just ur sorrow. What else i could do for u ? U lay on my shoulder, talk everything. At once i nod showing that i listen all. Until u sleep there.

Tada ...
The alarm ringing, the sun shines between my curtain. Already morning. Opening my eyes "It just a dream" i am smiling. My eyes bring me to the shooter sun.

Even just one, can it be true someday ? take care there.

Ryza Febriasty

Monday, June 6, 2011


Funny when you stop and think, Time goes faster than you blink, Nothing’s ever like it was, Girl we’ve got a special thing, Your the happiness it brings, Is more than enough, I know it’s hard to believe, Your still the biggest part of me, All I’m living for.
It’s hard to breathe when we’re apart, You’re that sunshine in my heart, I keep you here inside, You’ve been everything to me, You’ve been and always will be, The apple of my eye, And I know it’s hard to believe, Your still the biggest part of me, All I’m living for.

I still think about you, I still dream about you, I still want you and need you by my side, I’m still mad about you, All I ever wanted was you, Your still the one, your still the one.

If you love me, look into my eyes and say you do, I’ve been waiting all my life for someone just like you, Baby after all we’ve been through.
Girl I’m still in love with you, And I want you to know, I do, I do.

Song from Bryan Mcknight, love ... love ... the song

Saturday, June 4, 2011

You Are Still The One

7 Years Old Boy And Girl
"Why r u asking me to play this gross game ?" the boy asked "It is not gross. Yesterday, my mom took me to wedding invitation. I saw beautiful groom and bride with white dress. I want to be like that someday. So ... stop complaining ... you should stay behind me as the fake groom"

10 Years Old Boy And Girl
"Why do you ask me to go to birthday party ? i don't like ur friend ... she is a nerd in my class" the boy said. "Stop it, she is not a nerd as u think. She is my best friend, so do u. We can be a great friends till end"

12 Years Old Boy And Girl
"Where do u will continue ur junior high ? can i come with u ?" the girl asked. "No ... just take another school. I am good with my basket ball team in my chosen school" the boy shrink.

13 Years Old Boy And Girl
"Please help me to do my homework" The boy pleased on the phone "No way ... u can ask ur friends, but not me. I have to go on my music course" The girl put off the phone

15 Years Old Boy And Girl
"Why u not choose one of ur class mate to the prom ?" The boy asked. "I wont, i don't believe them so do my mom. So u r the only solution which i have" The girl stares him with sincere.

16 Years Old Boy And Girl
"I had applied the same senior high school as u did. R u mind ?" The boy asked. "No, not at all. While ... you will busy with some girls later. And please ... stop flirting to many girls. It is suck ... u know that" The girl leave him alone on the ice cream store.

18 Years Old Boy and Girl
"I don't know what should i do ? should i take his offer to having dinner with him ?" Asked the girl. "No way ... he is a jerk. All his want only playing you". Answered The boy "What ... how dare saying like that. Stop talking with me!"

21 Years Old Boy and Girl
"I want u take care my the only one daughter, i trust u Son " The father of the girl shakes his hand. "I'll try my best. As long as she is not as stubborn as i know" The boy shrink. "Dad ... stop it. And u stop it ... he is not my boyfriend even my big brother ... I am okay in this dorm university"

22 Years Old Boy and Girl
"Is it ur girlfriend ?" The girl asked then the boy nod. "Tell her, i wont take u anywhere. I hate the way she looked. Stop being jealous, we are nothing"

23 Years Old Boy and Girl
"Once u make her cry ... once u will face me Okay !" The boy talked to The girls' boyfriend. "Watch ur mouth. U r nothing to her. Should i remember u where ur place before ?" The girls' boyfriend sharpen the stare.

25 Years Old Boy and Girl
The girl went go to the boy's apartment. Knocked the door "What happen to u ? u r so awful" The boy asked. The girl just hug him tightly and cry "My heart pain, we broke up. He got engage with her mother chosen girl"

27 Years Old Boy and Girl
"Thank u for the treat, why u don't take her. It is ur birthday" The girl dress beautifully "We just broke yesterday. She had found another and confessed it to me" The boy smiles and lowering his head. "I am sorry ... u can count on me as ur sharing place. Thats the friends are for right ?" the girl smile tenderly.

28 Years Old Boy and Girl
"Good bye ... take care okay. Please keep an eye to my parents, i am counting u" The girl hug the boy tightly. "I will, whenever u arrive, call me okay. I'll wait ... ur call ... i mean. Be success in ur promotion Okay" The boy smiles. The person in front of him, will fly thousand miles away from him. "Being good ... in future Okay"

30 Year Old Boy and Girl
"Why u don't tell me that u will come ?" The girl surprised whenever he found The boy already in front of apartment "Surprise cuz ... it is ur birthday. Meanwhile i bring many gifts from ur parents" The boy smiles. "And ur gift ... for me ?" her eyes sparkling as like as an ice. The boy takes the gift, "I can only give this" He takes the ring and put on her sweet finger "Just be mine. From now, then and later" The boy caressed the girl face, she cried. "At seven i had told u to be my fake groom on my backyard home, now you are here ... as my future groom in front of my door" The girl smiled. "We are too fool to realize that we had been tied into one from seven till end" he kissed her gently. "Love u" Said The boy "Love u" Replied The girl.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Call

Dear friend,

Thank you for calling me, it was very first time to hear your voice. Never see you, never touch you even never hear your voice before.
Doesn't need many explain to show the feeling itself. I feel so grateful that i have found you.

Take care there,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Missing You

Dear Friend,

Do u know,  few weeks ago i dreamt about u. U called me, shared many stories, laughed and said that u missed me. If u just know how lost i was. Wont to wake up but the sun was ready to shine.
What r u doing so far ? how ur weight ? how ur look ?
See u in another unpredictable time, hope u r good there.


Ryza Febriasty

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Haw Flakes

I used to eat this sweet and sour coins candy since kindergarten. This candy was from China, made from haw (fruit of Chinese Haw torn) and sugar. The color was pink to brown. The shapes as like the cent of coin. It was not only sort of candy but sort of snacks for me.
Whenever my mom asked me who aged 5 "What do you want, i want to go to groceries store", i said "Haw Flakes ..., 2 plastics". Each plastics contained with 10 rolls candy. Imagine please, i could eat all that candy only few hours.
The sweet and sour that time took me to China Town, i never been there, but someday will. Once i started to eat, once i couldn't stop.  
I found this candy when i went to Grand Indonesia, while i walking to food court alley, i saw this candy all over in sold. I looked finding some money on flour. I took one ... but i consider to take another. So, here these some pictures about The Haw Flakes.

The packaging like the roll of coin cent

 Circle coin of cent which colour in pink to dark

The thick only in mm, The Haw Flakes.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Letter From My Best Friend

Dear There,
How are you ? how your day in your new place so far ?. From the last mail you had sent me, seemed you were so pleased to leave there.
You looked fine, beside i know the cold weather is your favourite. 
I missed the time you sent me many sms when i got chicken pox.
I missed the time spent many days having chat with you.
I miss everything.
I don't know whether a minute you remain my trace ? do you ?
Everything has changed but can't believe i am still same.
I miss your previous presence.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I Never Told You, No..., I Never Told You

I miss those blue eyes, How you kissed me at night, I miss the way we sleep Like there's no sunrise, Like the taste of your smile, I miss the way we breathe
But I never told you, What I should have said, No I never told you, I just held it in
And now I miss everything, About you, I can't believe I still want you
After all the things we've been through
I miss everything about you, Without you
I see your blue eyes, Every time I close mine, You make it hard to see
Where I belong to when I'm not Around you, It's like I'm not with me

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From 9th Floor

I was on 6th floor at my Head Office from 2005 until 2010. And today in 2011, i move to 9th floor which designed to modern one. 
Wednesday morning started with bright sun. I considered to capture some shoots from my window. From my back, i could see the biggest mosque in southeast Asia "Istiqlal Mosque' which located on Central Jakarta.    

The bridge divides Istiqlal Mosque to head office 

Istiqlal Mosque 

From all those shoots you may exactly guess what is the office name ?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Placed and Pulled

It has been few years i laid in this place "Placed and Pulled".

I have been placed myself on surface many times, but something pushed me to go deeper .
I have been placed myself below the surface and then slept in it until today.
I have been placed myself deeper to feel how it felt, what would happen ?.
I have been placed myself and felt so comfy in it.

And now,
I am trying to pull it.
Everything i keep.
Not only the things but also the traces.

Will be it better ?
It is far, beyond my forecast.
Am i able to forecast ?

I am

Dissapointed, just an ending but the process just pain.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

6 Days After Ages 28

So, I already 28 this month 'February' this year. I'm getting older but not making me old at all. People still think I'm a collage student. Well, I wont to be a sentimental person but realizing or not, i have.

What the most i want in this 28 ? i want to stay healthy so i can make my parents still proud of me, helping others who need help, becoming a good wife and mother later on and still being a productive employee.

Growing up, being wise, more and more being powerful.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011


If only have courageous that time,
this love won't end like this
if there is persistence,
the story won't last this way

This love had left wound
Linger many nights with tears,
Memorizing the love

What is love ?
Which beyond the whole thing
How about fate ?
Which hard to adjust, merely to understand

A person ever loves you with whole soul

Sunday, January 9, 2011

really miss everything which i left behind,especially you. words will never enough to describe this,but loneliness is quite enough. don't need any promises,just please do came whenever breath. may dream catcher come always.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Letter For A Dream

Dear Dream,

Dream, have you there ? I am in sleeping tonight. Have you touch me beautifully this night ? Have you remain here until i wake up next morning ? even reality is wide spread front of me.
Dream has made me fade many times, but again and always wait it when night come. Don't you know i always wait you to flourish my sleep. No matter bad, beautiful, or horror the dream is. My brain is waiting to make a day.
I start to close my eyes, pray and sleep. See yo there.


Ryza Febriasty


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