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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Really ... I am 30

Today is the last day for cake making in baking course. The class was fun, we were all in seven. There was only a man in class and the rest were girls. Introducing day always be on first day. "I am Ryza, baking is my hobby and escape. The motivation take part in this course to give me more knowledge how making cakes in rite technique. A mother of 2 years old daughter, 30 years old". The class and the instructor saw me. "Really you are 30 and a mother ?" the instructor was a girl. "I am. Really" she just smiled "I really thought you just a freshman or maybe around 25" then one of a girl in class said "Her body really as like a teenager" and the rest of class just laugh, including me.
First day we made brownies, pandan chiffon cake, marmer pound cake and sponge blackforest. The second day we made surabaya layer butter cake, swiss roll and decorate blackforest. The third day we had the theory and practice test. I graduated in not too bad score. Again one of a girl in class asked me "Really 30 ?" i smiled "I really am, i was born in 1983". She asked again "How come looked that younger ?" i really confuse to answer so i just said "Maybe because i still act like a kid".
The blackforest cake, after i made and decorated it, i stared that cake so remembered my dream had told me at once he liked that cake. I almost dripped the tears. Heart is never lie. "Is for you my dream, maybe one day you can taste it". After the class ended on the second day-course, i sent him the blackforest cake picture which i made. The eyes were glassed hold not dripped the tears. 


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