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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Heart Talks

  • someone loves you never had reason why she/he loves you, all she/he knows only you in her/his eyes

  • someone loves you exactly always makes you worries, cries even stress out, but she/he never known what the worst things had done because all only for the goodness

  • someone loves you sometimes can't say sweet words but in her/his heart you are the best that all she/he knows

  • someone loves you will be worry if you can't reply any sms or phone, just because she/he is afraid something happen

  • someone loves you let tears fall down in front of you, when you try to fade away those tears that time you already touched her/his heart which always for you

  • someone loves you will remember all words and sentences are had said, even she/he can use in special and right moment

  • someone loves you never given any promise easily if she/he can't fulfill, all she/he wants is trusted and she/he wants to give happiness and safe life ever after

  • someone loves you maybe can't remember your special day but all she/he knows every minute comes and goes is loving you, doesn't care what a day today

  • someone loves you never said 'i love you' easily, because all of these just because of you and show ready to love you. When she/he said 'i love u' it must be in special condition where no missunderstanding and let you know that just love you

  • someone really love you only say once because she/he thinks you already known. If say too much, she/he will think there is no reason to make you smile

  • someone loves you will come to pick you at airport but don't come with cards and flowers but she/he will help you bring the luggage and ask in sincere how come you look more tired in two days

  • someone loves you never called when you in anger but you will receive a call or sms after few hours 'i will say when you in calm and all the explanation more usefull'

  • someone love you will keep all the goods or things even litle paper which typed 'i love you' in safer place

  • someone loves you sometimes can't say 'i love you' many times but in her/his eyes, hug and kiss will explain all

  • someone love you always try to make you smile and laugh in unpredictable and confusing way

  • someone loves you will cure your heart pain on past, keep your heart with sincere then she/he will do and give the best even it will hurt her/himself

  • someone loves you always try to there for you where she/he can show all the feeling

  • someone loves you will let you go in sincere with other if she/he is sure you will live in happiness even not together with you

    So many ways to let heart talks and shows what feel in side, even you never wonder love can come in many ways, in many conditions, in many ages, in many signs even in many dreams that you never realized before. I just can share some in my post today, later if i find more i will add here. So, do not worry if your love can't say 'i love you' many times.

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