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Monday, May 26, 2008

Life is Precious

It is my 1st work day in a week, which any day can replace today beside Monday. This morning was hard for me to wake up from my bed cuz Monday. All i want in that morning today is still Sunday so i can spend much time that i call my weekend. If this Monday, i will wait for five days to meet Saturday. Five days mean i have to face 1st day 'Monday' where all the job is started, 2nd day 'Tuesday' when some new jobs disposition will reach on my table, 3rd day 'Wednesday' which those all have to report to my ass.manager and find some revise off course, 4th day 'Thursday' my secretary manager will come to give me some new jobs disposition and usually i look at her with smile, then final 5th day 'Friday' is my fav. day that i wait since long which i can spend more time to lunch outside it can take 1 and half even it can take 2 hours.

As usual for lunch even break time, i opened my mail but i did not find any interisting email there, scrolled down and scrolled down i found this email subject 'Life is Precious'. What the email it was? have i read that? but how come i can forget? so i decided to read again. I am surprised how nice the email it was, untill i translated into english and published on my blog.

Life is Precious

When i plan to jump from the building ...
I saw the known loving couple is hiting each other on the 10th floor

I saw the tough and strong Peter is crying on the 9th floor

Ah Mei just found her fiancee is sleeping with her best friend on 8th floor
Ling is taking a daily anti-depression medicine on the 7th floor
Heng is bordering each line on advertisement job opportunity on the 6th floor
The most respected person is trying to wear his wife's underwear on the 5th floor
Rose again fighting with her beloved BoyFriend on the 4th floor
The old man is hoping someone will come by and visit him on the 3rd floor
Lily still staring her husband picture that already died since 6 months ago on the 2nd floor
Before i jump from the building, i just thought that i were the poorest person in this world
Now i realize that every person has own problems and worries
After seen all, i realized that i am not so poor and so unlucky that i thought
All the person that i have seen, now is seeing me
And i think after they saw me, they realized their situation not that too bad after all
Because i already jumped

What i can take from this email is, just be gratefull for whoever you are.

I feel thanks for my friend who send me this email, now i do not feel so bad just because it is Monday, because i feel gratefull that i still alive and have chance to wait untill Friday.

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