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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Miss Each Other

Its Saturday morning and come the idea up lively to write this.

How come this feel so strong when we miss someone? what we should do then? there is anybody can tell me what we can do when this feeling seems kill us bit by bit? hehehe ...., me as the author cant share that what should i do when i miss someone? okay let me share bit ; maybe see the photo hehehe if this not much send sms if this not enough try to call but how if that person too far hehehe i know u should tell that, okay u cand read all the sms even u can see all the things or goods that already given it to u or u can keep in mind and start imagine that person is beside u know hehehe seems to much hehehe ...

Just feel when u miss someone, maybe someday u can understand when he or she will go from u how meaning he or she is for u. Sometime i used to side away to see how meaning i am for him, is he needs me like he said to me, is he wants me like he said toe me, is he so feel love like he said to me, hard to believe all that cuz i just want to see truth then, cuz i know word can lie then but feeling cant lie. How if that person say love, is someone really mening that words when they said that. But please do not say that words if u cant meaning that, NO ... it can be sorry after u say that, someday u can hurt his or her feeling. Because u not love him or her with sincere and true.

Today i just know the miss mean is, i think miss not so bad like that but is the gift from God to make us realize that how big the exist and present he or she is for us. Am i right then? even i have read one article in chicken soup for the kids soul, it said like this :

There is one kid who really miss her grand father to play with her, but she know it can happen this time because he is sick, get strooke even cant talk clearly and move his hands with the legs too. So what that kid do then. Everytime before slept she prayed to God asked to make her granfather well, made him talk with her again, make him sing a song again for her, it wil be quite enough for her to hear his voice it can make she knew that he still with her, even his hands and the legs still cant move but the voice is still really she want to hear form him mouth.

Every single night, that kid prayed and prayed even she dont know when God will answer her prayed but she stil prayed ad prayed. After oneday when she sit beside her grandfathter appearantly she saw him smiled at him and noded his head once. She really surprised and shouted loud 'my lovely granpa smile talk granpa talk ...' but all she saw just smiled and she was very gratefull even he just smiled.

A few days after that, the granpa just lied on his bed room. Oneday she do not want go anywhere all she want to do is showed to him the card that she made in school. The card was too simple, only made from blank paper, in front drew one girl with one old man who wore hat and wrote ' love granpa'.
At moment there were tears on her eyes and said 'i miss u granpa, i love u, smile again for me' God hear that, she saw beautifull smiled that she never seen before as a kid, smiled from heaven ... her grandfather passed away with smile in her hug.

Beautifull story and i always cry and cry when read that story again and again, seems like i do not miss him only but miss my grandma too hehehehe..., what we can take from this story is just meaning when u feel miss, u can pray to have a wish and hope to meet he or she today or another today. Every single wish in pray i am sure that God will answer in short and long time.

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