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Thursday, May 22, 2008

That Person Bit by Bit Crush

What make we realize that someone is meaning when we feel need that person, when we need someone its mean that we care and love that person on our realize or not. Is very clear that feeling can come in may ways. So many ways that we never realize, even my friend told me that 'Am i fall in love in that person' and i can see her face looks so bright with smile then she wink her eyes. After i saw that i am sure that she is already fall in love. Bit by bit the feeling crush her and make hers stand with option. I always said again and again that what we live in this world is to choose many option because live and death meanwhile is an option.
So how about love, is that option too?
I can say that yes...love is an option .
Should we take that chance even we have aready have one in heart or should we leave that chance because the heart suppose close by anyone. Can i answer that? can u answer that? can anybody answer that then tell me what suppose the answer then.
Okay, let me say NO, because feeling is never lie. Words can lie i believe that lie tie and tie in words but how the feeling itself, when we drawn in feeling of love when we drawn in feeling of high on the 7th heaven sky then, what is call beside love...nothing...u are in love.
Other side said to us that 'Dont ... leave than chance it can hurt u more later then u can heart that person itself'' Oh really, is really like that? even we can feel hurt cuz hat we had done by ourself and let that person leave in pain too, so what the call love is meaning then? .... oh ya we should remember that Love is sweet like sugar, soft like fur, comfort like sofa, delicious like chocolate, even bad like an evil. Thats call love name is, so any chance that we should take is must be side by side with the risk. Will u take mean that risk is waited, then leave it means that maybe you will loose any chance for u that will come only once.
Like i said again and again...u have to choose...we have to choose...
Choose what? The better one?
NO....the answer is NO
Not the better one, but choose what ur heart say 'Yes, i want that, yes ... i need that ...' when ur heart say like that .... take it but if ur heart say 'No, its wrong, i cant ... stop this ....' means that u have to leave that. Every decision what we take must be known to think again and considered again and again.
My friend told me that 'Try to know who is ur i' I can understand what is mean that, means that 'Know ur self is better because it can help us to make any decision u want later'.
For that one, yes i agree with that.
So, take it or leave it.
For me ... as long as is that chance and have talked openly, it will be an option so take it, hehehehe
Its all what we can share then

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