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Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Angel May Have Comfort

This song is for someone who called me an angel. As i know an angel has two wings over her / his back, but me ... i do not have, even one. But as i realize that an angel not always has wings.
I found the right song for this post 'In The Arms Of The Angel by Sarah Mclachlan', this is a soundtrack from an old movie was aired in 1998 'City of Angels' which stared by Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan.
The movie is talked about love in 2 worlds 'Real' and 'Not Real'. Real where they meet in world as human and Not Real when they (Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan) know for sure that they cant be together. At least Nicholas Cage ask to be a human but at the end Meg Ryan hit by car and die, too sad when her love already become real but herself die. This time her turn to guard her love as an angel.

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