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Monday, June 16, 2008

Candy Chocolate

Needs : White chocolate profsional baking, milk chocolate profsional baking, flavoring special chocolate (roosen, orange, fruity, grape), coloring special chocolate (soft pink, orange, blue, purple).

Tools : chocolate molded, candy stick, chocolate spoon, chocolate brush

Directions : cut white or milk chocolate bar into pieces, put into alumunium bowl over the hot water and let the them melt, divide into some parts and add them with flavoring and coloring, put them into chocolate molded with spoon and brush, put candy stick on the center of molded, wait 20 minute untill the heat less and enter the molded into the refrigerator, at least 5 min to 10 min put off the chocolate from the molded

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  1. Ini kayak permen manis yang biasa gw makan dulu he he he


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