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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Galilea sea and Dead sea

..... Giving and Sharing .....
Galilea sea and Dead sea in Palestine are placed in two seas which is difference each other. Galilea sea is a large lake with clear water and useful to drink even fish and human may swim safely there. Surrounding with green garden, field and houses wich are built by some villagers.
Dead sea, aslike the name, everything in there is death. The water is too salt and may cause sick or pain if drink it. We cant find any fishes and any plants stand for living even no one human wants to live there cause of the smell.
The interisting, there is only one river flows to Galilea sea and Dead sea. So what make they are so difference?.
The difference, First sea always gives and takes (it is called Galilea Sea) and the Second sea only take and keep (it is called Dead Sea).
Yordan river out-flow to Galilea Sea from the bottom. Galilea use that water and move to flow to other lakes which use Yordan water too. After that, Yordan river flow to Dead Sea but never out-flow to others, because the flow had stopped. Dead Sea only keep Yordan River for itself and never share even give to others. That process make Dead Sea is Death ; taking but never want to give and share.
If we live in enough, we should give and share to others who is needy and dont keep because you can be death aslike Dead Sea.
Giving and sharing to needy poeple, it will bring us to many grace and bless from God aslike Galilea Sea.

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