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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Love is growth by process

Love is never ending story to tell and share. Even effected all part of human life. It will be nice if love create from two person that love each other. But, how if not create from two person in love, what will happen then ? ....

Just call him 'The Man' who had through this relation. What poeple say about love is too naive for him. If there is love, his GF will not leave him to marry with other just because her parents thought that she was ready and mature to become a wife. At that time, The man still wasn't ready for any word which is related in marry. What he thought only reach good position in his career, in that way he will gain more stable to marry afterall. The decision he had taken lead him become most mistaken decision he ever had. He got the position but he lost his beloved one.
Year by year are passed, bring him into 30 years old being executive manager but still alone. Until he agree to marry with someone that had chosen by his mother. At first he saw this girl, he didn't see any special even unique one. A avarage girl like mostly city girls. But there was something in her eyes told that she was a sincere, good heart, and patience.
First year ...
One day he just arrived from work, all he saw in that night was silent as not as usual. His wife usually waited him at terrace but this night he didn't see that. Slowly he walked to enter the house. He shocked until his breath seems was hold on his throat "Happy 1st annyversary ... " his wife stood with small candle on a cupcake. What was that ? he tried to think fast in flash black while he still surprised "Hmmh, you must forget, today, this month, one year ago we were married" she smiled even her heart pounded "Oh..., really ? sorry..., i don't know. But next time you should tell me at least i can bring or buy someething for you" He closed the door then smile bit. She shaked her head once then hug him "No, next time you must remember. Not because i want you remind, but because we must grateful that we still together"
Second year ...
He never remembered when the day was, the 2nd annyversary even he never remembered when her birthday was. But how come she remember all, the day when they married, his birthday, his parents birthday even his sister birthday. Deep inside his heart, he can't feel any love like other couple. What he feel to his wife like caring but not love. His love already death when his GF left him. She is a good wife, he know that for sure. But this marry like a fake. What marry called if he can't find any love feeling to his wife. But look at her, she looks like everything is okay. Even she might be felt the same too that this marry is fake.
Third Year ...
One day in company gathering where all the employee is gathered. Some of them brought their kid and wifes, other brought their parents and the rest brought their friends. She listened bit by bit the way they talked about his husband, it because his husband have promoted to become a Vice President. She knew that he still young but he was talented person in leading. But what they talked that he got the promotion just beause his father whose a shareholder company. She walked slowly close to her husband "Are you bored ?" he suddenly asked her, "Nop...is okay as long as i am beside you" she smiled and hug him. He wanted to laugh everytime he looked his wife act like that. Some of man walked closer toward them and started to talk that she can't understand, until she heard about this "Congratulation for your promoting, i wish i have father like your father". She looked her husband but how come he looked so calm when they seems joke to fool around him. "Your wife must be glad about your promoting", she smiled when other man said to her it was mean it was her chance to talk "Me ? oh ... about promoting Vice President position that talked fussy around. Off course i feel glad even gratefull or whatever is ... but is not becsue his promoting but because he became a good husband for me. And concern about his father, ya i feel thank because God create his son as like this, perfect enough for me". The two man suddenly silent. What that woman said really touched right after. The man can't believe that she can talk like that, this was a first time he felt someone act defensed like that for him. At first time he felt so happy that his wife beside him.
"You really have to go?" she asked again and again. "Ya, just a week, after that i will go home" he saw his wife in gloomy face. He never seen his face like that when he must to go in duty trip. "Be careful, you know for sure about that" she hug him and said again "Be careful"
Few hours after her husband went by car, she received a call "I am sorry mrs, but your husband got accident ...."
Fourth Year ...
Almost a year he can't walk as normal as usual. But his wife always beside him to help. "I am ready to go to office again" he talked in silent night. "It almost late, are you dreaming?" she sit on bed and listen what he will say later "Ya, i am ready. I can't controll my work from house always, i have to go to office tomorrow". "Are you ready enough, is okay if you aren't ready. You still can work from here, your secretary will tell you daily even in minute like usual she did". He nod his head then shaked it "I have to go, i will strong enough to step when you be with me, beside me"
Her breathe seems hold, it was a first time his husband said that with her. "What just did you tell to me ... that ... "
"I will strong enough to step when you be with me, beside me" he replied then smile. "You are the one who always beside me. Since the accident, i lied down like died, but see what you have done to me. You took after me, feeding me like a kid, washed my body like u have baby, changed my clothes like i didn't have any hands, took me every morning and afternoon on the wheelchair, brought me with wheelchair when u went to malls where everybody stared on me in pity, prayed for me in every your prayer, accompanied me to watch discovery channel even i knew you want to watch opera soap, you combed my hair, sprayed my favorite parfume after took bath, still awake in late even dawn when i want to drink or go to bathroom, drove me weherever to place i want to come ... oh my god you did all for me"
"It because i am your wife" she smiled with hold his hand then kissed his hand with cry
"No, it is not because you are my wife. But those all because there is love for me"
"Off course i love you, from the day after wedding party i try to love you even that time i don't know about you, who are you, where are you from, what you do, when you was born, why you want to accpet me as your wife and how i let my heart growth learn to love you"
He hug his wife in crying, he never realized his wife try so hard to learn for loving him. But what he did, he is too selfish all about himslef but never tried let love growth to his wife. "Thank you to let your heart love me. I am sorry ... i passed many years in useless"
"Dont feel sorry, i am the one who deserve say thank you because you want accept me as your wife, it all was started. Because you open chance for us start to love, even i know really take time for that"
"I love you ..., from the way you are did for me, i love you. My love growth in process, i love you ... the one who beside me to make me strong"
"Can you say that frequently" she laughed, "What i have to say in frequently?" he stared his wife while her small hand wipe off her tears, "That you love me" she smiled. "Ya, don't asked aboout that, i will say that" he replied her smile.
Ryza Febriasty

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