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Saturday, August 30, 2008

...he said that ?...

Raining ... make me stay at home all day. Feel the breeze air touch my skin and cool air sneak slowly between my curtain. Feel glad to stay in my room when rain come, from this height i can see how the water fall down and hear the sound clearly. Few hours ago, i read SMS from my best friend (let me shorten the contain was) 'Za, he said his true feeling for me while i was out from taxi, he said that he liked me'.
Few minutes i paused and read again to make me sure, i sighed and whispered, 'I know this will be happen sooner or later. Being friend just an option but falling in love really beyond human control'. I can't write anything to reply what she sent, i consider to describe what i want to tell her here. Right after i finished, i would send her SMS 'Can't say anything just read my post for you'.
So ... finally he said something that you never wonder before or could be you had already felt kind of strange feeling before. Then what you will do afterwards ? If i were you, i would feel thankful because he said that. But i can't move on with his feeling, it will be good to make him as a good friend. Want to know why i tought so ; 1st, Both of you too good as friend, do you want to take any risk if someday you might loose him cause of broken ; 2nd, You are in same company with him which prohibit employee as husband and wife ; 3rd, What you need is someone who mature enough in thinking ; 4th, Do not be silly to take wrong mind to repeat what have you did in past ; 5th, Don't you know exactly that his parents already set a girl, do you? Don't take matter of it ; 6th, Is him that are you looking for ... who can make you not recall 2 persons (you know what i mean) ; 7th, He is a right man who can make you put out your mind in working, stressful and bad mood, please do not change his position ; 8th, you know for sure that his placement in Sorong, are you ready for that, as i know is quite hard for you to have long distance relationship, are you ? ; 8th, Ohhh, widy must be cried a lot if she know about this (ha3x...) ; 9th, Still ... ; i consider Xurxo or Kareem so far (smile) ; 10th, Whatever is, feel thank u to know how his feeling so far.

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  1. Love is a gift.
    Fallin` in love is always over logic mind, But that makes beautiful ...


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