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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pooh & Friends

Look ... is about bear again ... , fiction bear who always wear red short shirt. Like to eat honey until he can't stand to walk even stand because his stomach too full. Sometimes Pooh seems like gloomy bear but really he has nice and helpful heart. With his 3 friends are Eeyore a donkey, Piglet a rabbit and Tigger a tiger always together to cheer up Christopher Robin's life who is a boy lives near Pooh & Friends.
In my room there is a sticker wall picture Pooh & Friends which circle all over my wall-room even my mom said looks like a kid play room because of it. Pooh piggy bank, sometimes i filled in with small coins. Small Eeyore bag, of course i never use that anymore, i do not want people stare at me when i bring that donkey. Old case pencils & pens which remain me when i was a student. Small Pooh phone charm had accompanied me since long. Water drink bottle, i still bring that to the office. Small hair accessories which i keep even i never wear that anymore.
There are some fun facts of Pooh & Friends that i just know shortly (ref. nypl.org & enterpriseportal.com) :
The curious name of Winnie-the-pooh come from Christopher Robin, from a combination of the names of a real bear and a pet swan. During the 1920s there was a black bear named "Winnie" in the London Zoo who had been the mascot for the Winnipeg regiment of the Canadian army. "Pooh" was the name of a swan in When We Were Very Young.

Pooh was purchased at Harrod's department store in London and given by A.A. Milne to his son Christopher Robin on his first birthday, August 21, 1921.

He was called Edward (proper form of Teddy) Bear at the time.

The rest of the toys were received as gifts by Christopher Robin between 1920 and 1928.

Not only Christopher Robin played with the toys; so, apparently, did the family dog, which may have contributed to their well-worn appearance.

The baby kangaroo stuffed animal (named Roo) was lost in an apple orchard during the 1930s.

Eeyore was x-mas present to Christopher Milne-The stuffed animal's neck had lost its stiffening over time taking on morose appearance, which served as inspiration of AA Milne's Character.

Winnie-the-Pooh had adventures with Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo, Owl, Rabbit, and Tigger in the 100 Aker (Acre) Wood (based on the Ashdown Forest in southern England, located near the Milne family home).

Owl and Rabbit were brought to life to join Pooh and pals Eeyore, Piglet, Kanga Roo, and Tigger, by Milne and illustrator Ernest H. Shepard.

The stuffed animals range in height from 25" (Eeyore, the biggest) to 4 1/2" (Piglet, the smallest).

Always said "There is any honey ?"

Pooh & Friends had already accompanied world since long become legend as other disney characters as mickey mouse and disney princess. And i am sure my kid even grand children will still remain them, because they are ever lasting characters.

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