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Sunday, September 21, 2008


I know ... i know ... more than 2 weeks i didn't post anything on my blog ... seems on that time i didn't have much time to post. Off course not busy cuz my work :) but, i had to fulfil some cookies and chocolate praline orders. About October 1 and 2 Muslim in my Indonesia (my country) will celebrate Idul Fitri. It is a day where all Muslim celebrate their fitrah day, forgive each other and feel brand new like baby born. Usually inmates family will come to house to house to celebrate that day, and ... exactly ... there must be so many finest food, cookies and drink.

Honestly, i am not sell my cookies even my chocolate but ... really i don't know why some friends asked me to make some cookies for them. Let me remember ... hmmh ... if i am not make any mistake, there is 8 orders for Kastengel Cookies (cheese cookies), 7 orders for nastar (pineapple cookies), 2 orders for putri salju (sweet cookies which pour with cold sugar powder) and 4 orders for praline chocolate. I have to complete all in two weeks despite on my working hour. Hahaha ... bit tired ... after i reach at home, i start to make one recipe cookies til mid of night and the rest i will make on Saturday and Sunday.

Today ... feel thank and glad ... all of the orders already complete ... PHEW ..., you know what there is one happiness deep inside when i see someone taste my cookies. Maybe something like ... they are value what i made for them :) ... thank you guys ...

There is some picture for kastengel, nastar and putri salju (for praline you can see in my post below) :

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