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Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is Your Option ?

I have told her that, being late might be regret one day. But everything has happened, not me even you could change that condition. It could be past for you, even you never realized until this day or could be God has another plan and reason for all of this, as i know there must be meaning behind this. I lost of words to make another story for this, but maybe i have something for your thought.
I step slowly to enter this place. What i see just make me smile on face and scream in my heart. The white roses and lilies put all over the corner, way and the altar itself. I can smell love and happiness around me, but i do not know i should come to this place right now even see him as the groom even her as the bride. What i do just a fool or i just make another pretend front of him. One granny who seat behind me smile at me then i reply to smile. "Are you friend one of the groom and bride ?", so...what i should say 'yes' or 'no' there is no reason to say 'no' and please stop pretending to say 'no'. I nod my head "I am the good friend from the groom, i had known him quite long". "Oh i see. He is a good person and good man as a husband from my grand daughter". Wait a minute ..., this granny a grandma from the bride ? oh please ... what i am doing here ... for what i still seat here .... But once again i nod then talk to another things. "Ya, he is a good person and i am sure he is a good man to your grand daughter". "Seems you had known him better than me" ho...ho... this question really make me laugh but i just smile, off course i know him quite long until i realize that i have this feeling. "We never meet formally but maybe i know him better than you. Congratulation for the wedding, i really honour to be here and specially know you". I see her smile and hold my hands softly. "I am sure you are good person also even i just meet you here and talk with you in few minutes. All i hope you find good person as like him and wish you will invite me to your wedding" she smiles again. What hope and wish are that ? just give me a break even please talk to my hands ... but wait ... it really a sincere pray for me, even she doesn't know what i suffer when first time i enter to this place and more suffer when i know everything is real that he will marry this morning in this beautiful altar and hundred of roses and lilies seems smile for them.
"Oh, thank you for your pray for me". In a minute i hear the cord of piano, i know this is the time when the groom is coming. Everyone looks at the back to see how he looks alike ?. Off course he looks so gorgeous with his white tuxedo, i can't handle my heart pounding fast, i can't stand to hide my tears. "Ya, i know you will come and walk to this way that's why i prefer to seat on the other side, i can see him so happy because i see the same smile when he smiled to me on every messenger we had, on every email we sent even on ever picture we kept. I am here to see you smile like that, i am here to support you not only as my true best friend ever but also as a person who loves you even you never known that" i whisper in my heart. I feel my tears are going down but this granny holds my hands tight. I look at her and i see her smile and cry in same way. Oh please ... what mean from all about ? i suffer and beside me an old granny ?. I should come with my friend but i do not know why i want to come alone.
Five minutes after the groom, i hear another cord from piano and i am sure this is the time for the bride to come. But my heart not pound just curious how does she look ? is she good enough in that wedding dress ? Oh look ... she looks so fabulous with off white dress, long until reach the floor and white roses on her hands. She smiles also, i can see her happiness and love from her. "So lucky you are, i hope you never wasted your chance and time to marry him. And please never let him go and disappointed him. I know he is a good man and i am sure God must be choose you because you are a good person also". I see the granny cry again, it must because she sees her grand daughter. This time i hold her hands tightly then smiles at me.
The ceremony run for half an hour. "Come on, you should come to the reception. You should meet your friend and my grand daughter". The granny ask me to come with her. We come to one room which is big enough for all the guest. I let her gather with her inmates, and me ... let me take a glass of water to drink and less my suffer for few hours. "Thank you to come" I know this sound even i just hear that sound on speaker when we chat. I turn my body then smile to him, "The fist meet then i come to your wedding, congratulation". He smiles but i see something different on his eyes and i know he sees something on my eyes also. "I hope our first meet not happen here but happen in other place". Oh ... seems he can read my thought. Suddenly he hold me, seems like an old couple separate for long. "As if you let me to describe my feeling i think the bride must be you". My body shaking, i close my eyes and cry. "Oh God, we never realize that we had same feeling since long. But too proud to hide just because it just make sense" my heart whisper so.
"But, i am here now to see you happy. As if you know, i suffer to come here because i am too long to keep that i love you". His holding more tight, i know we regret each other. But everything had been late to regret. "Just pray that i can through all of this, and i will pray the best for you also. I really pray you will find a good one to your mate". I nod my head then wipe away my tears. We stare eye on eye each other then smile, but our heart to heavy because what we hide so far this feeling and just end like this.
Being regret just an option, but face that as lesson, history and thought are another options to take.

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