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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twilight Ebook Series for Free Download

I have read this novel at first time on internet, "Wow ... it is such a really ... very ... hmmh ... nice", I just said that after ended my last page. Then ... Oh ... this story seems haunted me again and again not only the romance but also the sacrifice it was. How love can conquer evil or bad things i just called that 'sacrifice'. What made me Hilarius about Staphanie Meyer, the author, she was a mother from 3 kids with high level of imagination. I felt so ... so ... glad when i saw an article on yahoo about Twilight on the screen. Off course i didn't scream that time but I felt restless to wait Twilight will be aired, specially here in Jakarta - Indonesia. Tada .... so ... have i watched ? OFF COURSE I HAVE.
Silly thing i did after watched Twilight was, i just more believed that vampire existed, they could be like us - human- who have feeling. Alike i really believe that mermaid exists. Nice things will be more nice to share right, so here this the ebook you can download, just click on it :

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