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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A for Amazing

Wow..., it has been quite long i didn't write any post since last August. I think it was nearly a month, phew ... There are some reasons which i want to share with you, readers. The 1st is i really have least time to post any written because i used to come home late from office last August. The 2nd is In September, me as a Muslim, went through fasting month for a month when ended on September 20, 2009. The 3rd is i received many orders for Idul Fitri's cookies, that time i used to make cookies right after reached at home until 1 am in the morning, you could say i just slept for 3 hours more and less because on 4 am i have to wake up to perform sahur (in Muslim mean eat in dawn to start fasting in a day). So here i am now, enjoying my Idul Fitri day off which is the longest holiday i always have.
I took short video whenever i broke my fasting gathered with my friends in Grand Indonesia. There was a beautiful and a amazing the other art of water. Please take a look at this.

Note : It will be shown every one hour and at the end there will be many bubbles soap fall around you, is it cool right ?

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