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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hillary Comes Again

I read an articel on www.kompas.com by Iwan Kamah - Jakarta which tell about welcoming Hillary Clinton to Indonesia on February 17, 2009. Since beginning i fond her as an utterly brilliant woman and has many differences than other first ladies in US thats why i adopt that article (indonesian subtitle) to my blog (English subtitle). It is nice to read.
The two great persons in the 20th century, one who hold storm still survive to reach top of Mount Everes, Sir Edmund Hillary, and the other one is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"Hillary Clinton as a Bill Clinton’s wife is a charming person" commented a man who live in remote village in Muntilan, Central Java. He felt impressed when he saw Hillary Clinton came directly from the president of the state power to their village. "The president's wife is so simple and friendly".

That impression not only appears with her simplicity dress, kindness smile, or simple personality, but also wherever she goes. In November 1994, Hillary Clinton visited some places in Indonesia, which was unfit come. She accompanied her husband to attend KTT APEC in Bogor. Her background in education and deep concern on the fundamental issues of social bring Hillary to choose important things to view for community institutions directly.

She visited slum village in ‘Pasar Manggis’, Jatinegara, East Jakarta’. "We feel so happy that Hillary Clinton wants to come here" commented Marni, a woman who participate in welcoming of Hillary. Not only that, Hillary Clinton had a long standing in times at Ciliwung junction, at the Jatinegara Road West right on the location of a former old Chinatown storehouse landslide sink in few years before Hillary arrival. She stared in deep vision to poverty in Jakarta, while her hand at once flow to slum residential in the Bukit Duri, Jakarta Timur.

Hillary wanted to come to the center of public health and education in remote areas which sensitive side to the character of community development, women empowerment and education. She came to Barbarsari, Sleman, Jogjakarta elementary school accompanied by different members of parliament and officials of Indonesia who were reluctant to place it and chose to go to remote parts of the world, especially the streets. Her explanation about education program to be handful tools for people "Children must learn to persevere to get what they dream" said Hillary in short lesson, after visited health kid centre Lestari X, in Muntilan.

She also did not feel hesitate to give polio immunization to a baby aged 7 months. Hillary was unenthusiastic to come to the institution of modern education such as University of Gajah Mada or modern hospital in the area there.

Hillary Husband

When Bill Clinton chose as President of US, he was nervous. Kompas daily news wrote to the unique case-large in the future, "Clinton feels nervous when phoned from world leaders." Who know Bill Cinton ? people more know Hillary Clinton than Bill Clinton.

Hillary is a "top ten" lawyer in the US while her husband is a governor of a state of less sound, Arkansas. Although Clinton became the youngest governor (aged 32 years) in the history of America since 1938. A German newspaper, wrote a headline about Bill Clinton election victory in 1992. "Hillary husband is selected to be a president of US” a cynical satire to his ability which express as a President of US who doesn’t know much.

Hillary is one of the wives of US Presidents the most influential after Eleanor Roosevelt (wife of President Franklin Roosevelt, US president during the second war world). Her dominant roles in the policy often criticized her sharply. Chosen as senator (representing New York), to be a strong evidence that her desires wont remain not only as White House hostess. Hillary is different with others US. first Lady. She became the first woman president and the first senator who also sit in a cabinet.

Hillary also didn’t like Pat Nixon (wife of U.S. President Richard Nixon), who only accompanied her husband to Djakarta Fair cross Monument in 1969 (now at Pekan Raya Jakarta in Kemayoran). Or Betty Ford (wife of U.S. President Gerald Ford, also a renowned clinic facelift) who only went to Taman Mini. Or Nancy Reagan (wife of U.S. President Ronald Reagan) who only danced with Balinese dancers, although she spent long enough in Nusa Dua for 4 days with her husband. Or Laura Bush (wife of President George Bush) who only came to special libraries in Bogor Palace when she accompanied her husband in 2006 in Bogor.

Today, Hillary Rodham Clinton comes again to Indonesia, not as a senator and neither a wife from the President of US.
She is the 12th Secretary of State who come to Indonesia, since John Dulles came here in 1955as 1st foreign affair US minister who visit Indonesia. That time his car threw with stone by youth PKI (Communist Indonesia Party) who didn’t like the US influenced in Southeast Asia.

Hillary is good also in writing. She wrote on Daily the Jakarta Post with a unique column article “The Idul Fitri celebration on the first time in the White House in 1995”. Perhaps 2014 years later, she will come back to Indonesia after 20 years her 1st visit Indonesia. And that day, he would come as a President of US.

Truly Mother

Many predicate as "the first" to Hillary in US history. She is not only as a senator and a Secretary of State, but also as a presidential candidate (although failed). Behind that she remain as the US president's wife respite, face the problem of the household, which publicity knowledgeable, clear and understandable by the world.
Extramarital Problems to her husband, who claim to several women and made love. Peak when her husband accused had an affair with a young apprentice woman in the white house itself. Hillary pass all with unruly and calm without lost her harmonize touch as a family, the First Family.

After her husband affair case, many people show sympathy when she went together with her daughter Chelsea visited India and posed in front of the Taj Mahal, the monument of love the world without her husband. Strangely, when Bill Clinton visited India in 2000, he didn’t accompany Hillary. A rare occurrence from a President of US who visit a country and didn’t accompany with his wife.

Hillary as though as Sir Edmund Hillary who climb the highest top mountain in the world, Chomolungma (Mount Everest) with Tenzing Norgay. They were struggling to withstand storm to stand up to the top of the mountain. Their differences only storm. Hillary’s storm comes form in family matter, while Sir Edmund’s storm comes from real windy storm while he climbed Mount Everest. They both had met each other in 1995. What the most strange from two Hillary is both of them become diplomat. Sir Edmund Hillary today becomes New Zealand's ambassador in Nepal and Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes foreign affair minister.

Hillary is a real proof of a wife who has a husband with sexual expression to the woman who is not his wife. Reliability, Hillary proves that as a 1st wife as an old hat, although old and ancient will put in place with remain full of respect on “HEAD” as always. Meanwhile, a 2nd wife, or extra, just as like as shoes although expensive and good but always use and keep to tread and step.


  1. i never knew she is a lawyer...n u r right about about being first/second wife :-)

  2. Danke schoen. You were uploaded my article to your beautiful blog.

    Iwan Kamah

  3. desperately seeking the original article on kompas.com. anyone can help? thank.

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