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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Natural Disaster

In this tremendous shot of Planet Earth, a tropical storm rages in the eastern Indian Ocean and the western coast of Australia
Scientists believe that climate change will influence an increase of tornadoes like this one

More frequent and intense thunderstorms can be expected in the future, due to shifting climate patterns
A heat wave at sunset over the Namib Desert in Namibia, Africa. The impact of climate change on developing nations in particular is like "low-intensity biological or chemical warfare," said the Namibia representative at a 2007 meeting of the UN Security Council
Regional drought is already a widespread and serious problem. If weather extremes continue or worsen, more dislocations and tragedies will result.Overgrazing by goats, an issue common to both Somalia and Cyprus, can be environmentally devastating, and even worsen climate change
Climate change has led to hotter conditions which leave forests more susceptible to fire
As the earth’s ice caps continue to melt rising water levels are a global threat
By Emma Grady, New York, NY

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