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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cheese Snowy Sugar Doughnut

At Sunday noon, i start to think what kind of doughnut which i want to make. I feel bored with doughnut which has hole in the middle. So with same recipe, i try to make doughnut into different shape - round ball shape.

I use easy melt cheese from Kraft, it will make fill center more moist, soft and melt when you bite it.

Powdering sugar on it, for special taste please use doughnut-sugar powder it will leave cold and mint taste after you bite it.

Good doughnut is base from good flour powder, you should mix high and middle flour powder fiber.

About yeast, is better you mix the yeast with water in same time it will make your dough lacking luster perfectly.

Is better to use high concentrate cooking oil, because it will make your doughnut not much oily.

Here these some photos i took after i fried them.

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