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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Even The Angel Knows - Dewi Lestari

The point of song is about a mother who loves her son will be not an ending love ever. There is lyric translation from Indonesian to English really poetic and touching. Thats my blog is for ... place you can find this lyric in English

Your weariness is my weariness
Your happiness surely my happiness as well
Together, sharing our destiny
Except when you are mesmerized by someone else

This time around, I am almost reaching my limit
Trying to show you, that this love I have is real
Faithful, always here everyday
Can’t help letting you just on your own
Even though many times you don’t even pay attention

Because you do not see
That sometimes an angel has no wings
Not radiant, nor wonderful
But this love, something you can always bet on
Even the angel knows
Who’s gonna be the winner
(I’m gonna be the winner)

Your loneliness
Shall not fade away by a dreamlover
But a chance for me who’s imperfect nonetheless
But ready to be appraised
I am confident, this love of mine is true

You always asked me to be there
And you teased me if only my face were replaced
You wanted me to stay for you can’t stand the loneliness

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