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Friday, March 27, 2009

Which Shape Are You ?

I know …
Time will turn into day and night
Time will move slow and fast
Time will flow as past and being future
Time will pass seems wind appear
Time will end when should stop

I realize …
I was born because of choice
I live for others
I need to be loved
I want life in full respect
I never been alone

I wonder …
When my life has just stop
Where I have no space to step
Who will be for me
Why I become so introvert
What I have in die

I admit …
I am not God
I am not angel
I am not perfect
I am not strong

But …
I am sincere
I am dreamer
I am creative
I am good hide feeling

If …
I have not much time
I have not any chance

I will …
Say thank you
Feel grateful

To …
Find you
Feel my heart
Touch my silent
Caress my presence

When care …
Can turn into love
Can turn into belonging

It has meaning …
No matter, how fiction it is
No matter, how insane it is
No matter, how long it is
No matter, how far the lost is

You had been real and unreal

original created by Ryza Febriasty

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