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Friday, May 15, 2009

My Ways To Live In The Moment

Don't you realize that we live in this word are filled with just options ? options ... and options ... Then how we have to live and life with all of these ? I am not kind of person who likes to choose something, because the truth is ... i am hate in options. Well, like or not, i have to through these wheter i can't be longer here :). Let me share you some ways, my ways, that will lead you easier in life

Watch your breath

Take attention whenever you breath that will make yourself relax

Just feel it

Focus your attention on the physical sensations you are feeling. If you feel sad just let it,if you in loving just be sincere then if you get anger just be rational

Put your cares on ice floe

Close your eyes, think about which things that bother and make you worry. Imagine you are in the middle of ocean which surrounded with ices, take time about 30 minutes to an hour even so. Promise you will come back to reclaim them later

Simple ways to follow but i know those can be hard ways to do. You will be able to do whenever you used to do it.

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