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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Single, Happy

I wonder, why people around me always ask same question, which make a big question mark for them. "When you will marry ?". Well ... what i used to respond was "Smile", but deep in heart i used to say "So, what is big deal for you huh ?" :)

Thank you for this song which is sung by Oppie Andaresta "Single, Happy". Here this the lyric that i translated to English and media song to listen. And now ... i have another answer for them ... "I am single and very happy".

They say I am a chooser and lonely
Too stiff in life
Thousand of advices and guidance are given
Longing for happiness

I just fine
Enjoy what life is
My life is so perfect
I’m single and very happy
Reach beautiful dreams
Do what I like
Making friends with everyone
I’m single and very happy

They say it’s the time ‘cuz ages
Looking for a man
But surely come my soul mate
In wonderful time and way

Time keep moving, I can’t end
I wish for a good


  1. I am very sorry ryza i am one of them who asked u this question many times i am really sorry.

    but i wish inshaALLAH your soul mate come in wonderful time and way

  2. :) is fine, i used to ask that things. I will say, i am fine not marry yet.


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