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Monday, June 22, 2009


I never found how miracle and lucky came in me. I believe God is exist and there for human. I have religion as belief and guidance to do good things and hinder bad things in life.

As human I know and admit that I have much sins, because human have two faces ‘the good side’ and ‘the bad side’. I won’ t be a naïf person to say that I am pure as white.

I never tried to be a best in many things. Society, education, job and so on. I never wanted to be a best person. I never dreamt, hope even wish to be a best one. Is it wrong ? meanwhile in this world – throughout the world - almost want to be a best.

Even lately seems like I try to hinder any hope and wish because I know how nice my hope and wish are I never reached one even the little tiny one.

I have to do hard in all things for what I want. How struggle the effort was, in that time I never found the luck and miracle factors.

What the most wrong in me that always no chance.

I am too tired to move on but I have keep moving even is useless. Being stand on day by day is just enough for me.

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