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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Honestly, They Are Suffered In Their Sanctuary

Even animal know how to show their feeling after long time separated. It was not an big issue but they showed to us that animal have feeling as like as human. I like to watch circus meanwhile when i was kid i liked to go to zoo, but i never knew they suffered. They have right to live like us in harmony, peace, save and perfect environment.

Two abused elephants, Shirley and Jenny are reunited after 23 years, and their joy is trumpeted throughout the colony.

Elephants relax in the the shade on a hot day. The savanna-like plains of the sanctuary in Tennessee is a perfect environment for elephants. At the 2,700-acre preserve, the 19 African and Asian elephants in residence are allowed to exist as they would in the wild.

In a sweetly affectionate gesture, Shirley and Bunny hold trunks.

The elephants at Carol Buckley's sanctuary live -- and die -- on their own terms.

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