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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Car Free Day

Every Sunday in the last week of a month, Jakarta citizen used to celebrate 'Car Free Day'. On July 26, 2009, Hotel Indonesia and Thamrin main street were chosen as place for 'Car Free Day' action. I never wondered before those main street would be no car at all. I always through those main street everytime i head to home and always be completely crowded in working hours home. People gathered and did many action to rejoice 'Car Free Day'. There were so many attraction held such as ondel-ondel, delman and gymnast.

Ondel-ondel as one of genuine traditional culture from Jakarta - Betawi

Delman, one of old transportation which use horse and ride by kusir (a man who run the horse)

Another ondel-ondel pictures

Group of gymnast who rejoice in attraction

Bunderan Hotel Indonesia as one of historical place in main centre of Jakarta

Another gymnast group pictures

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