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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meet Again After 10 Years Or More

I can say, it is unbelievable. Suddenly i received an email mid on night from my 1st boyfriend when i was in junior high school. The 1st time i just know how date looks alike. He wrote that he wondered how i am 'cuz he lost my track almost 10 years and more could be. At first time, i didn't realize it is him, but when i saw his full name i was sure that it was him. I felt surprised because of it. Next and more days after that we sent and replied few emails until he asked my number and so did i. The most shock was, last night he called me (he currently in new york) just to tell me that it was his number. I surprised, trembled, laughed and relieved because even we had separate for 10 years and more we still have chance to make a good relationship.

For you, the one who lives there, the person whom i know so spontaneous i want to say thank you to find me, no matter what we had been passed that time, how much i cried because you left me that time, how much pain i kept to move on, but you just make it nice in the end.
Ryza's Forecast for today : "There are many ways to find surprising moments and sometimes it happens not from close surrounding but can come from unpredictable things".

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